Bentley: Let's just say those balloons have machines that are like eyes and ears that can detect things at great distance. And you are the only one who can reach them.
Sir Galleth: Say no more! I shall go forth to smash these airborne demons, lest they set their wicked gaze upon us! Find me a catapult! And a very large rock.
— Discussing the security blimps[src]

"Eye in the Sky" was a job completed by Sir Galleth Cooper in Of Mice and Mechs of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


Sir Galleth sets out to disable the surveillance balloons set up around the village.[1]


Upon receiving his cane back from Sly Cooper, Sir Galleth is assigned his first task by Bentley. The balloons hovering above the village, in addition to serving as decorations for the circus, are also surveillance devices used by the Black Knight to monitor the Cooper Gang. As the balloons are high up, Galleth is the only one who is able to reach them and disable the devices.

Galleth uses his Catapult Crash Technique to reach the top of the tower that the first balloon is positioned above. Once at the top, he destroys the surveillance device hanging from it. He repeats this for the two remaining balloons. After all the devices are gone, the Cooper Gang's communications are secured from the Black Knight.[1]