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Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves

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Honor Among Thieves
Game: Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Location: Kaine Island
Clock Time: 01:36 AM
Jobs: 8
Master Thief Challenges: 5
Previous Episode: Beginning of the End
Next Episode: N/A

Honor Among Thieves is the sixth and final episode of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


All thieves assemble! Take out Dr. M and claim the Cooper Vault's fortune.



The tables have turned! Save Sly from the monster.

The Guru

Sly's cane is stuck on a magnet. Convince the local sharks to disable it.


Retrieve the cane and stop a sea monster.


To rekindle Sly's confidence, Penelope uses her RC car to disable the radio towers.

Bentley and Murray

While Sly explores the vault, Bentley and Murray need to hold down the fort.

Sly Cooper

Reclaim the cane using the biplane.

Get through the gauntlet of the Cooper Vault.

Play as Sly and Carmelita to take out Dr. M once and for all.

Level Ending

Master Thief Challenges


  • When the episode starts, Sly's cane is hurled into an electro-magnetic buoy, but in the prelude, the monster threw it into the ocean.
  • At the end, when Carmelita blasts the door open, the rest of the island is missing.
    • Also, it isn't raining.
  • When Sly's cane is on the buoy, it has no outline.
  • As the radio towers get destroyed, the pieces strangely come out as the pieces from Sly's biplane as you can see a propeller fall out.
  • When Dimitri fights Dr. M underwater, Dr. M has no outline.
  • After Sly is released from the monster, the gang hops off the boat to see if he's alive, but a couple of them are gone.
  • This episode has the most boss battles in a single episode in the Sly Cooper series.


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