Dead Men Tell No Tales is the fifth episode of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. The main antagonist is Captain LeFwee.


The Setup

The gang and Dimitri head to Blood Bath Bay to retrieve Remy Lousteau's diving gear.


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Sly Cooper

Whatever happened to the pirate who stole Remy's diving gear? Find him and talk to him.

Head out to sea and retrieve the diving gear.

Get rid of the Red Sail Sea Dogs.


Help Penelope with finding the treasure map.


Keep the harbor patrol from coming to them.


Get amplifiers for the ship's cannons.

The Panda King

Convince Crusher to aid in stopping LeFwee.

The Operation

Rescue Penelope and stop LeFwee.

The Getaway

LeFwee was defeated, eaten by sharks, and outsmarted by the gang resident genius, Bentley, who not only rescued a teammate, but also won himself a girlfriend. The two were made for each other. Dimitri was also in love as he let his new diving gear go to his head. The gang was "informed" that he'd be their frogman for the Cooper Vault job, despite nobody asking him.

For the first time in memory, Carmelita did not show up in an attempt to arrest everyone. The gang decided to send her a postcard so that she wouldn't feel left out.

Master Thief Challenges

  • Patch Grab
    • Lure Jake back to the anchor and get the patch before time runs out.
  • Stealth Challenge
    • Steal the peg leg without being discovered, under time pressure.
  • Boat Bash
    • Defeat enemy boats under time pressure.
  • Last Ship Sailing
    • Defeat 5 boats without sinking; no health pickups.
  • Pirate Treasure Hunt
    • Using your treasure map, follow the clues to find the hidden loot.


Episode 5 - Dead Men Tell No Tales - Opening Cutscene02:32

Episode 5 - Dead Men Tell No Tales - Opening Cutscene

Episode 5 - Dead Men Tell No Tales - Closing Cutscene01:54

Episode 5 - Dead Men Tell No Tales - Closing Cutscene


  • Out of all the levels in this game with a Day 1 and Day 2 system, this is the only one in which the sky does not change at all on Day 2. It stays consistent throughout.
  • This is the second time the main boss dies.
  • The lizards on Dagger Island make a resemblance to the crocodile from "Rumble Down Under".
    • If you use the pirate costume on the lizards, they will ask you for a password.
  • This is the first and only time in this game in which you control Penelope.
  • Carmelita is completely absent in this episode, something that Sly notes in the end cutscene. That makes this the only episode in this game not to feature her at all.
  • When you are on the Day 2 section, you can sail into Blood Bath Bay, but the island will not load.

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