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Episode 4: Of Mice and Mechs

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Of Mice and Mechs
Ep 4 Of Mice and Mechs
In-Game Information
LocationMedieval England
Clue Bottles30
Real World Information
Year1301 A.D.
Previous EpisodeEpisode 3: Clan of the Cave Raccoon
Next EpisodeEpisode 5: 40 Thieves
MediaSly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Of Mice and Mechs is the fourth episode in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time after Episode 3: Clan of the Cave Raccoon. This is where the Cooper Gang travel to Medieval England and meet Sir Galleth Cooper, and then embark on taking down the villain known as the Black Knight, who is revealed later to be Penelope


In this episode, the Cooper Gang discovered that Sir Galleth Cooper, a knight and member of the Cooper Clan, has been imprisoned and made a total fool of in a mad circus by a villain known only as the Black Knight. Sly Cooper must rescue Sir Galleth and free Medieval England from the Black Knight.


Sly Cooper

Sly Steals parts of the Archery Costume to free Sir Galleth.

Sly must use his Archery Costume to sneak into a circus to free Sir Galleth.

Sly takes photos of the Black Knight and the cane case then he takes down the guards guarding it.

Sly must revisit the shoemakers to get to the terminal connected to the machines fabricating those giant parts of the mechs.

​Sly must tail the Black Knight to see where he is going until Bentley shows up.

​Sly has to make use of his archery skills in the carnival to earn Merlin's magic powder for the bombs.

Sly will have to make use of the Archer Costume to take down Penelope's giant mech.


Bentley has to hack his way to open the entrance to the bakery.

​Bentley hacks the cane case to get Galleth's cane.

​Bentley hacks the terminal to shut down the shoemaker's.

Bentley sneaks into the blacksmith's shop to find out who the Black Knight is.

Bentley arrives to deal with Penelope.


Murray destroy's the machines in the tavern to shut down the fuel production facility.

Murray detonates the bombs Galleth made to blow the bridge.


Carmelita must battle the Moat Monster in order to free Sir Galleth from its belly.

Sir Galleth

Sir Galleth sneaks into a cave in order to disable a giant 3-headed mechanical dragon known as the Moat Monster.

Sir Galleth uses his Catapult Crash to destroy three blimps intercepting the Cooper Gang's communications.

Sir Galleth is the only one that can reach the second floor of the bakery and shut down the whole operation.

​Sir Galleth will have to collect 3 fire bulbs to make explosives.


  • The title of this episode is the same as the title of the Black Knight's boss theme.
  • The title is an obvious play on the popular book Of Mice and Men.
    • The title also gives note to two of the things featured in this episode - Penelope as the villain, and the robots she created.
    • According to screenshots of an early debug menu, this episode was originally called "Holy Grail Robin."
  • This is the only episode in which Bentley has no jobs available.
    • Because of this, Murray was given two jobs in this area.


  • While following the Black Knight in Shell Shocked Heart, if you get caught by him, Bentley's voice is heard perfectly clear even though he is not around.
  • In Operation: Mousetrap, Murray is seen swimming with his ultimate suit. In actual gameplay, wearing it has no change on gameplay, and doesn't allow you to swim.

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