A Cold Alliance is the fourth episode in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. The main antagonist is General Tsao.


The SetupEdit

When the gang realizes that Bentley's demolition skills will not be efficient in completing the Cooper Vault heist, Bentley recommends recruiting former Fiendish Five member, Panda King (much to Sly's surprise). As they confront the Panda King, he explains that his daughter, Jing King, is being held captive by the cold-blooded General Tsao, a vicious tyrant rooted in China whose treachery knows no bounds. In order to complete the Cooper Vault heist, the Cooper Gang is forced to aid the Panda King in saving his daughter from the evil General Tsao. The only question is: Will Sly even want to help?


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Sly CooperEdit

  • King of Fire (w/Murray, Penelope, Bentley, and the Guru) (Sly vs. the Panda King again)

Get to the Panda King and explain the situation.

Reclaim Bentley's laptop from Tsao.

Get Sly a job as a wedding photographer.

Get Inspector Fox to charge a battery, then stabilize it and bring it back to the van.


After stealing a set of keys almost simultaneously, break into Tsao's house of business to learn more about the wedding.


Investigate the mysterious signal in the icy water.

The Panda KingEdit

Take care of the hopping vampires using fireworks.


Rescue Murray from execution using Penelope's RC car.

The OperationEdit

Rescue Jing King, fool Carmelita into taking her place, steal Tsao's treasure, and deal with a stone dragon who kidnaps Penelope.

The GetawayEdit

General Tsao had his wedding on time and everything began as arranged, but the bride turned out to be a shock. Carmelita had taken Jing King's place and, thinking that Tsao was a disguised Sly, she tazed and collared him. She was shocked that it was not Sly, but didn't mind taking Tsao in for the troubles he had caused.

The gang dropped off Jing King with her aunt. The Panda King insisted she would be safe there, and that he needed to pay off his debt to the gang. Sly was still wary of the Panda King, but there was no doubt his skills would come in handy. The gang decided to do some shopping in the backstreets of Shanghai.

Master Thief ChallengesEdit


Episode 4 - A Cold Alliance - Opening Movie02:17

Episode 4 - A Cold Alliance - Opening Movie

Episode 4 - A Cold Alliance - The Deal01:20

Episode 4 - A Cold Alliance - The Deal

Episode 4 - A Cold Alliance - Closing Movie02:02

Episode 4 - A Cold Alliance - Closing Movie


  • This is the only episode with two "Setup" cutscenes, though the second is called "The Deal."
  • The boss for this episode is General Tsao and his character is a chicken. This is a reference to the popular Chinese dish, General Tso's Chicken, which is occasionally spelled "Tsao," along with many others.
  • This episode has the most slideshows due to the "Laptop Retrieval" job.
  • The shopping the gang did in Fire in the Sky of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus after defeating the Panda King is paid homage in the final cinematic for this episode, with the addition of Penelope, the Guru, and Panda King. However, rather than taking place in Hong Kong, it takes place in Shanghai.
  • The Panda King also appears on this episode's title card, just like he did in Fire in the Sky of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.
  • You can destroy the red arches around the area with Carmelita's pistol. If you do, the lights will remain floating in place.

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