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Episode 2: Go West, Young Raccoon

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Go West, Young Racoon
Go West Young Raccoon
In-Game Information
LocationWild West
Clue Bottles30
Real World Information
Clock Time1884 A.D.
Previous EpisodeEpisode 1: Turning Japanese
Next EpisodeEpisode 3: Clan of the Cave Raccoon
MediaSly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Go West, Young Raccoon is the second episode in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, and it takes place in the Wild West, 1884 A.D.


After time-traveling from Feudal Japan, the gang discovers that Tennessee "Kid" Cooper has been thrown in jail for his crimes. He was arrested by the insane Sheriff Toothpick, which is a mobster obsessed with gold. After Tennessee's arrest, Toothpick robbed the local bank of its gold, and later accused Tennessee. After Bentley explained to Sly that he needed to get himself arrested to help his ancestor, the gang got ready to break Tennessee out of jail, and stop Toothpick.



Sly defeats Toothpick and gets stranded in the Wild West. The gang leaves Tennessee and moves on to the next ancestor: Caveman "Bob" Cooper in the Gungathal Valley.


  1. Bag of Cash
  2. Fake Mustache
  3. Ten Gallon Hat
  4. Street Sign
  5. Bottle of Sarsaparilla
  6. Temporal Flux Driver
  7. Diamond Cactus
  8. Steer Horns
  9. Tacky Tombstone
  10. Branding Iron
  11. Golden Spike
  12. King Monkey Love


  • The name of the episode is word play on the famous saying, "Go West, Young Man."

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