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Episode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter

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Template:EpisodeBox2 A Starry Eyed Encounter is the second episode in Sly 2: Band of Thieves with the main antagonist being Rajan.


This time Sly and the gang visit Rajan's newly bought 'Ancestral' Indian palace, were he is throwing a party to display the Clockwerk Wings. Rajan has no use for the wings except to show them off so they should be easy to steal. The problem is however, that the wings are welded onto a statue directly behind Rajan himself and he has some guards patrolling around the statue.



Sneak into the party and photograph all of the guests so Bentley knows who he's dealing with.

Lower the bridge so that Murray and Bentley can access the palace grounds for missions.

Get into the palace to get Neyla's attention.

Steal a tuxedo to get into the dance.

During the heist Sly will have to distract Carmelita so its time to get her attention.

Bentley needs the gems from the elephants headress's for a saw, but how can he get them?


Take out that chopper so it won't interfere!

Bentley needs control of the winch, but needs protection to do so.


Bentley needs to use his RC Chopper to take out the air defense Jeep.


Sly must don his tuxedo once more and take command of the dancefloor to distract people from the large pink hippo, being lowered on a winch.

Level Ending

After the gang made off with the Clockwerk Wings, Carmelita blew her cover and started making arrests left and right. With his reputation in shambles, Rajan was forced to flee from his own party. He is apparently now hiding somewhere deep in the jungle.

The gang took a break and headed for Bollywood. Murray was able to sneak onto the set of a full blown Indian musical after some doing from the gang. Sly was happy the gang was able to unwind, but Rajan was still out there and he knew somehow things were about to get tough.

Clue Bottle Locations


The Vault

In this episode the safe is located in the Boardroom Brawl area and the combination is 8-5-7. Upon opening it Sly recieves the Insanity Strike gadget.


Episode 2 A Starry Eyed Encounter - Opening Cutscene01:25

Episode 2 A Starry Eyed Encounter - Opening Cutscene

Episode 2 A Starry Eyed Encounter - Closing Cutscene00:42

Episode 2 A Starry Eyed Encounter - Closing Cutscene

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