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Episode 1: The Black Chateau

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The Black Chateau
The Black Chateau
In-Game Information
Clue Bottles30
Real World Information
Previous EpisodeCairo Museum Break-In
Next EpisodeEpisode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter
MediaSly 2: Band of Thieves

The Black Chateau is the first real episode in Sly 2: Band of Thieves and the main antagonist is Dimitri. There are 10 jobs to be completed in this episode and 30 Clue Bottles to find around the environment.


Sly and the gang visit Paris, where Dimitri runs his popular nightclub. This is all a front, however, for his counterfeiting operation for which he is using the unique alloy of the Clockwerk Tail Feathers to print forged money.



Bentley wants Sly to reposition three satellites at the Safe House so he can hack Dimitri's mainframe.

Sneak into Dimitri's nightclub through a wine cellar to get recon photos of the tail feathers.

Sneak into Dimitri's office and bug it!

Follow Dimitri and see if he's hiding things from people.

Sly must pickpocket six keys so that he can override the spotlights and destroy security.

Neyla has offered Sly her help, but only if he can keep up - literally.


Murray must break into a bar underground and destroy the main water supply, a water pump.

Murray must silence the alarm horns so they don't alert Dimitri and the guards during the heist.


It's Bentley's first time in the field alone!

The Heist

Everything is ready and it's time to recover the Clockwerk Tail Feathers, but will everything go as planned?

Boss Battle

Sly needs to battle Dimitri first, before getting the Clockwerk Tail Feathers

Level Ending

Sly and the gang have accomplished in gaining the Clockwerk Tail Feathers and ruining Dimitri's counterfeiting operation. Carmelita and Neyla's sudden arrival made the escape tricky. Angry at failing to capture Sly, she jailed Dimitri and shut down his nightclub.

The trio went to Monaco for a week's break, where Bentley wanted to try out his new card counting formula (as described by Sly). Sly figured in his mind that the gang have earned themselves a well deserved break.

Clue Bottle Locations

Sly 2 Band of Thieves Walkthrough - Episode 1 - All Clues(08:52)

The Vault

In this episode, the safe is in Dimitri's office and the combination is 2-3-1. Upon opening it, you will receive the "Knockout Dive" move.



  • This episode shares some similarities with the Venice episode from the third game. They both take place in a major real-world city, they are both the first episode of their game, both episode bosses are musical, and they are both in Europe.
  • The disco can be seen from Dimitri's office.
  • With Bentley, you can bomb the supports to the yellow platforms surrounding the entrance to the nightclub, which will make it easier for Sly to climb up there during the heist.


  • When Sly heads to the Safe House at the very beginning, flashlight guards are seen, but they disappear after Sly exits the Safe House and they don't show up until after the first slideshow. At that time, the rooftop guards are walking in the streets instead of on rooftops.
  • During the heist, when the repairman comes out, he appears out of nowhere; he doesn't come out the door. The door still opens, though.
  • During the heist, when Bentley and Murray drive away in the repair truck, they drive past the theater, but in the next shot which shows Sly on top of the peacock sign, they come from around the Safe House.
  • In the getaway movie, the peacock sign is still up. Also, the water fountain isn't seen.
  • When Bentley and Murray first come out, the flashlight guards disappear again, and the rooftop guards are back on the streets. The flashlight guards also disappear during the heist.
  • During the "Silence the Alarms" mission, as Murray destroys the first alarm horn, rat guards will out from inside Dimitri's office, but as they come out, the don't move their legs. They basically just slide out.
  • In Bentley's slideshows, the rat guards are shown with pink caps as opposed to their red ones.
  • During the heist, the repair truck will take damage from guards, but not from Sly.
  • For some reason, the part where the gang is playing cards at the end of this episode was not shown in the Sly Collection, possibly because of adjusted European laws about displaying gambling.
  • When Sly is following Dimitri during "Follow Dimitri", Dimitri will sometimes stop and look around and up at buildings, but won't see Sly on rooftops. Also, when Dimitri enters the door, it closes on his tail, and his tail goes through the door.
  • The alarm horns don't appear until Murray starts destroying them.
  • Some trees in the area will disappear and reappear at some points in this level.
  • The slideshows show the flashlight guards with red flashlights instead of their usual black ones.
  • In the setup movie for this episode, the gang is in their Safe House studying up on Dimitri, but after the setup, Sly is on his way to the Safe House.
  • The bug painting that Sly steals doesn't appear until Sly starts the "Bug Dimitri's Office" mission.
  • When inside Dimitri's office, if you look out the window, the level is a little unfinished. This is common with most episodes in the series.
  • During the printing press duel, after Dimitri's health is depleted, he'll warp across the room, but he suddenly appears on the second floor where the printer is.
  • In the cutscenes, the tail feathers are yellow, but in gameplay, they're gray.
  • At the end of the "Moonlight Rendevous" mission, Neyla says she has a key which can be used to break into the disco, but Bentley didn't need a key to get in.
  • Some of the antennas on the rooftops are floating in mid-air.

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