Those rats you just scared, went up and freaked out the prize elephants! They're now outside, rampaging around the palace!
— Bentley to Sly after releasing the elephants

"Elephant Rampage" was a job for Sly Cooper in A Starry Eyed Encounter of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.

Background Edit

Sly must steal six gems off of Rajan's prize elephants.


Bentley needs Sly to retrieve six gems from the headdresses of two of Rajan's prize elephants. They will be used to create a saw durable enough to cut off the Clockwerk Wings from the statue in the ballroom.

To get the elephants out of their pen, Sly crawls underneath a hole beneath the steps to find an alternate route. When he crawls underneath, he scares two rats, causing them to go up an freak out the elephants. They barge through the door and begin rampaging around the palace. Sly crawls back out and spots one elephant, seeing how spooked he is.

The next objective is hopping on top of both elephants and getting the headdress jewels off of them. However, the jewels are firmly embedded, so Sly will need to whack at them with his cane to knock each one loose one-by-one. He will need to make use of the rooftops to get on top of the elephants, which is not a problem.

After snagging all of the jewels, the elephants return to their pen. Now that they have the gems, Bentley will be able to create a saw durable enough to cut the Clockwerk Wings free.

Trivia Edit

  • If you get onto an elephant's back while in combat, the guards will back off.