Murray in Dreamtime

Murray in his dreamtime meditation state.

Dreamtime is an Australian aboriginal magic that is used primarily for peaceful and environmental means. The Guru of the Stone is the primary teacher of dreamtime. Murray was a one-time student who adhered to the magic, though The Oscars were also seen participating in dreamtime training at one point.[1]


Little is known about the history of dreamtime, as all information is obtained second-hand from conversations with the Guru, who speaks in an Australian aboriginal language.

The GuruEdit

The Guru was responsible for watching over the Mask of Dark Earth, which was the physical incarnation of the Spirit of Dark Earth,[2] though it is not known if the spirit was directly related to dreamtime, or if dreamers were simply protecting the land from its evil magic. The Guru also held the responsibility of cleansing Ayers Rock of the miners, who were digging up the land in search of opals. With the help of the Cooper Gang, that task was fulfilled.[3]

At the conclusion of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, the Guru took was shown in New York City, teaching dreamtime to a group of celebrity rock-stars known as The Oscars.


After the horrific events of Sly 2: Band of Thieves,[4] Murray took up dreamtime training with the Guru, saying he wanted to find his spiritual center.

As part of his dreamtime training, Murray was sent by the Guru on a walkabout across several locations around the globe, and was also given the task of making the "black water run pure" in Venice.[5] That means dreamers may also have a sense of responsibility for the environment of the entire Earth.

At the conclusion of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, following the defeat of Dr. M and Sly Cooper's mysterious disappearance, Murray decided to return to the Australian Outback to complete his dreamtime training with his master.


There are only several known dreamers in the Sly Cooper series.


The abilities associated with dreamtime are inconsistent from dreamer to dreamer. The Guru is able to transform into objects similar to those seen within the environment, and physically control the minds and bodies of individuals. He is also able to connect the minds of two meditating individuals,[6] as well as using his moonstone to directly communicate with electronics, such as the gang's Binocucoms. Murray was able to freeze time using his Temporal Lock move and could also enter the Aboriginal Ball Form, which was one of his most notable moves in Sly 3.

The Guru, a powerful dreamer, cannot use his abilities without his staff; while Murray, who was only a student, never used any form of artifact to channel his abilities. However, he does own an aboriginal fossil necklace, which he openly wore in Italy and apparently keeps on himself at all times.