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Please! Keep your touchy-feely rhetoric to yourself, I can't stomach it! You Coopers are a bunch of dirty, attention-grubbing thieves! All of you, THIEVES!
— Dr. M to Sly, inside The Cooper Vault's Inner Sanctum[src]

Dr. M
Artwork of Dr. M from Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
In Game Information
AffiliationsThe Original Cooper Gang (formerly)
Mutant Creations
Current StatusDeceased
Real World Information
AppearancesSly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Voice ActorRick May

Dr.M is the main antagonist of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. He was also a member of the original Cooper Gang.


Dr. M was an anthropomorphic mandrill who tried to breach the defenses of the Cooper Vault on Kaine Island for years. However, the vault has proved impenetrable, leading him to construct an enormous fortress around it. With his sinister genius, Dr. M has created all manner of defenses; including a force of mutant beasts. Dr. M has a large amount of knowledge on the Cooper family. This stems from the fact that Dr. M filled the role of Bentley in Sly's father's gang, rather like Jim McSweeney filled that of Murray.

When Sly Cooper and the Cooper Gang arrived on Kaine Island, they attempted to get past Dr. M's defenses to reach the vault. Unfortunately, his intellect proved too much for them, and they not only failed to open the vault, but also lost the Cooper cane. The Guru and Dimitri both tried to recover it, but Dr. M was able to retrieve it first, using a mutated sea creature. Later, when Penelope eliminated his air defenses, Dr. M took control of a giant whale-dragonfly hybrid to attack Sly. He revealed his history to Sly, and seemingly lost the cane. In reality, he had attached a tracking device to it, allowing him to track Sly's movements through the vault. Going after him, Dr. M and his men had a brief confrontation with Murray and Bentley; where they suffered defeat, though Dr. M continued to pursue Sly.

Doctor M's death

Dr.M In The Cooper Vault As it is Caving-in

Dr. M later engaged Sly in a final battle, with Sly beating him to the edge of defeat. Sly then tried to convince him that not all Coopers were bad, giving him an example on how he and Bentley's relationship worked. Dr. M was confused as Sly's father was "never much of a good friend". Sly then said that all Coopers were different even if they had the same bloodline; though Dr. M refused to believe this was all true. At this time, Carmelita Fox broke her way into the vault. Seeing how Sly and Carmelita were towards each other, Dr. M took a shot at Carmelita, only for Sly to willingly take the hit. Carmelita then finished off Dr. M. Later, as the Cooper Vault collapsed, Dr. M refused to leave after finally seeing the Cooper treasure with his own eyes and spending many years trying to open the vault, and thus was killed by falling stones. Unwittingly, he facilitated Sly's relationship with Carmelita, allowing him to feign amnesia.


While originally a member of the first Cooper Gang, Dr. M felt that he was little more than a sidekick to Sly's father. Turning his back on his former teammates, he sought to steal the Cooper fortune for himself for decades. This shows that the previous Cooper Gang did not have the bonds of brotherhood that connect Sly's gang.

Doctor M. talking to himself

He does however, hold respect for those he finds equal to himself, hence his attitude towards Bentley. He is quite ruthless as shown in the beginning of the game when he poisoned one of his workers, believing that he failed to change the security code. Because of his obsession of obtaining the treasure within the Cooper Vault, he wouldn't leave the collapsing cave as Bentley explained that he'd spent most of his life trying to get his hands on it and he wasn't going to lose it no matter what the cost.

Much like Clockwerk, Dr. M also had a large amount of hatred for the Cooper Clan, demonstrated during his final battle with Sly, when he said that his entire family were nothing but "attention-grubbing thieves". Even though he sees Bentley as his equal, he sees Murray as an unintelligent "caveman". Nevertheless, Dr. M is not above giving praise even to enemies he considers to be beneath him, as he praised Murray for being stronger than his old teammate, McSweeney ever was.

Dr. M was possibly a sociopath; unable to sincerely form attachments to others, which could explain why he and Sly's father weren't close friends. He acknowledged that perhaps Sly and Bentley were true friends though seemed unable to truly comprehend how that was when he himself and Sly's father had never been so close. He also displayed his lack of morals and sadistically killed one of his men over a simple mistake by poisoning him and wickedly brought up the henchman's family before he died. He then referred to the poor victim as sloppy trash when he summoned a janitor. His sociopathic qualities were also shown when he mocked Sly's speech and tried to kill Carmelita to make Sly suffer.


Dr. M is an extremely intelligent foe; easily on the scale of Bentley and Clockwerk. He is highly skilled in creating powerful machines and gene-splicing himself an army of mutant creatures. He is also a skilled manipulator, tricking Sly into leading him through the Cooper Vault via a tracer placed on his cane and planting doubt in Bentley's mind about his friendship with Sly. It is implied that Dr. M had performed some of his gene-splicing experiments on himself to become stronger as he was easily able to grapple with Murray without showing signs of weakening. He has also survived damage capable of defeating even the strongest enemy, repeatedly, without

Dr. M in his last mechanical weapon, facing Sly in the Cooper Vault

slowing down or even showing the slightest signs of fatigue. He has been repeatedly zapped by Carmelita's Shock Pistol, bashed many times by Sly's cane, held into the air to receive many thousand bolts of electricity, and still manages to give Sly a concussion. He also had a computer interface built into his skull. This device, visible on his head as resembling a giant plug, allowed him to hook up to various weaponry. Among these are the largest specimens of his mutant creatures, which include:
  • Mutant Primate: A giant creature that Dr. M controlled while attempting to kill Sly, which also engaged Carmelita and Lt. Gronk's mercenaries in battle. It was last seen drifting out to sea on an Interpol boat with Carmelita, who presumably defeated it, because Carmelita arrives at the end of the game and goes off with Sly.
  • Mutant Fish: One of Dr. M's sea creatures, it possesses an appearance similar to that of an anglerfish. Equipped with underwater bombs, laser web generators, tentacles, claws, and suction force, it was defeated after a fight with Dimitri.
  • Whale Fly: Created from a fusion of a whale, a dragonfly, and multiple machine parts, the Whale Fly was equipped with missiles and energy field emitters. Sly fought it in the Cooper biplane although eventually gave up and paraglided down to confront Dr. M on top of it. Bentley described it as a "giant, flying whale-dragonfly thing covered in robotic junk".

Dr. M's final weapon, which he used during his showdown with Sly and Carmelita, was a module that attached to the top of his head. Equipped with several spider-like legs, it also had a built in propeller that allowed Dr. M to fly. Other features included a missile launcher and a generator which could produce either electricity, fire, or water as attacks. Balls of all three could be released and Dr. M could also slide across the ground to leave a trail of them. Another of his attacks involved leaping into the air and slamming down on the ground, sending out a ring of energy. When hooked up to a device in the Cooper Vault Inner Sanctum, the module allowed Dr. M to fire a powerful laser beam. After his battle with Sly, it appears Sly has broken all but two of the spider-like legs off. When Carmelita shows up and engages in a battle with Dr. M, she destroys the remaining legs, thus causing him to topple over.

Dr. M's Goons

Dr. M has several hybrid creatures and mutants on the island who serve as his henchmen and guards.

Gorilla-Bat-Elephant-Horse Hybrids

Strength - Strong

These Mutants are very strong and, if approached, can cause very serious damage. They fire several shots in a row and are very fast. The only way to defeat them in combat is to use the Grapple-Cam.

Alligator-Crab-Kangaroo Hybrids

Strength - Moderate

These maniacal mutants are known for their stone crab claws... which they'll throw at you! They have two methods of attack with their claws, either swiping three times at close range or, if at a distance, they'll take one of their claws off their arms and throw it (it grows back when they do this). They are stronger than normal moderate guards as they can take Murray's punches without being knocked out. They can block Murray's normal attacks by covering their faces with their claws, and if hit too many times while in this pose, will counter-attack with a nasty bite.

Frog-Tiger-Cobra Hybrids

Strength - Weak

They have frog legs, cobra faces, and tiger arms... all ready for combat! These mutants have a technique similar to that of Don Octavio's, where they unleash red waves of energy from their mouths in a continuous cycle. At close range, they will spit out bombs from their mouths.



  • Doctor M is a parody of the mad scientist, Doctor Moreau, from H.G. Wells's novel The Island of Doctor Moreau, since both have island strongholds and have mutants and hybrids for guards. The M is likely meant to stand for both Moreau and Mandrill.
  • The Whale Fly is the only known named mutant of Dr. M's.
  • He sees Bentley as an equal intellectual, but he thinks of himself and Bentley as being "side-kicks" to the Coopers.
  • One of the Guards in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is the same animal as Dr. M.
  • He was voiced by Rick May, who also famously voices the Soldier in Team Fortress 2.
  • Dr. M is one of the 3 characters who explicitly has a hatred or vendetta against the Cooper Clan. The two others are Clockwerk and Le Paradox. All three are also final bosses.
  • Dr. M is also one of the six characters who are actually killed off in the series. The others were Clockwerk, Arpeggio, Neyla, Captain LeFwee and Toothpick.
  • He is one of six British in the series. The others are Sir Raleigh, Neyla, Arpeggio, The Black Baron and Miss Decibel.
  • He also resembles Dr. Gavin from Sucker Punch Productions' first game, Rocket: Robot on Wheels The only difference is that Dr. Gavin is not evil, but actually just a bystander, since he doesn't appear much. Ironically, the main villain is JoJo the Raccoon, where in this series, The raccoon is the main hero. 

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