Penelope: I'm too late! He's as good as dead!
Bentley: No there's still a chance! Use your RC Car, it should be fast enough to beat the lit fuse up the mountain. It's the only tool we've got to save Murray.
— After Murray is taken by General Tsao's men and strapped to some explosives[src]

"Down the Line" was a job for Murray and Penelope in A Cold Alliance of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Penelope and Murray discover and open a box containing phone lines, which the gang can utilize to listen in to General Tsao's conversations.


Penelope contacts Murray, telling him that he is the only one strong enough to break into the phone box. She tells him to crack the lid, and she will come to reroute the wires, which will allow the gang to eavesdrop on Tsao's communications.

Murray goes over to the box and rips the top off of it, causing gas to spray in his face, knocking him out. Tsao's guards capture him and ties him up to a barrel of gunpowder, then start bringing him to the top of the highest mountain, leaving a trail of gunpowder. When Penelope arrives, Murray is already gone, but there is still time to save him. A dragon appears and lights a fuse on the trail of gunpowder. She uses her RC car to follow the fuse up the line of gunpowder to Murray. She must get in front of the fuse to make sure it does not get to him first. Avoiding black magic dragons, as well as rocks, guards and barrels of gunpowder, the car makes it to Murray just in time, smashing into the wall and causing an icicle to fall onto the trail of gunpowder, putting out the fuse. Murray is now safe and, being grateful for this, he thanks Penelope's RC car and offers it a free ride in his van whenever.