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With all the hay and feathers in here, just looking at this place has got me breaking out in hives. But we've got no choice.
— Bentley to Sly while inside the chicken house[src]

"Down Home Cooking" was a job in Vicious Voodoo of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Bentley informs Sly Cooper that a ghost rat contacted him via specter-wave radio, and they cut a deal. He wants to make a large pot of gumbo, but is afraid of the Bomb Toting Roosters. If Sly can whack 50 chickens in one minute and thirty seconds, the ghost will give him a treasure key.

He starts the challenge, dodging the roosters and attacking the chickens. After a minute and thirty seconds, Sly is victorious, and the ghost give shim the key.

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