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In Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, while in a disguise, Sly is asked to say a password by guards, Sly has to memorize the password transmitted to him by Bentley and answer the guards. There are three hub worlds that use passwords.


Password Codes

Triangle: Soprano

O: Alto

X: Bass

Square: Tenor


Day time password: Alto, Alto, Bass, Bass

Midnight password: Alto, Bass, Alto, Alto

Last night password: Alto, Tenor, Tenor, Alto

Tereswee password: Soprano, Alto, Alto, Soprano

Carnivale password: Tenor, Bass, Tenor, Tenor

Cafe password: Bass, Bass, Bass, Soprano

Vacuum room password: Soprano, Soprano, Bass, Bass

Octavios house password: Tenor, Soprano, Tenor, Soprano

Secret suprano password:Tenor, Bass, Tenor, Tenor


Password Codes

Triangle: Day

O: Moon

X: Night

Square: Sun


New years password: Night, Sun, Sun, Night

Crypt password: Night, Night, Night, Night

Wedding password: Sun, Moon, Sun, Sun

Sunset password: Day, Night, Sun, Moon

Bamboo forest password: Sun, Night, Moon, Night

Midnight password: Night, Day, Moon, Moon

Thursdays password: Sun, Moon, Day, Night

Temple password: Day, Sun, Day, Moon

Blood Bath Bay

Password Codes

Triangle: Hull

O: Spar

X: Jib

Square: Port


Skeleton password: Jib, Port, Spar, Hull

Captain's password: Hull, Spar, Port, Jib

Crossbones password: Spar, Spar, Spar, Spar

Pirate password: Port, Port, Hull, Port

Skull password: Jib, Spar, Jib, Hull

Storm password: Jib, Spar, Jib, Spar

Flagship password: Port, Hull, Spar, Spar

Island password: Port, Hull, Spar, Hull

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