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Sly: Love to help out but there's nowhere to hide on the bridge, we're totally exposed.
Bentley: That's true, to fool the guards you'll need to break those statues and take their place.
Sly: I pose like a statue, the guards walk on by, then POW! I hit'em from behind. You're a genius.
Bentley: That's also correct.
— Discussing how to fool the guards on the bridge[src]

"Disguise Bridge" was a job for Sly Cooper in Jailbreak of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Protect Bentley while he plants bombs. Use statue pedestals to avoid detection by guards.
— In-game description

The pipes beneath the bridge power the security systems in the prison. Bentley needs to bomb them so that he and Sly can free Murray without the security system being a problem. However, guards patrol around the bridge a lot, so Bentley needs Sly to watch his back, by posing as one of the statues on the bridge and taking out the guards while their back is turned.


  • While the statue ability will work while free roaming, the guards will be able to detect you outside of the job.

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