Sly: What's with taking out the disco ball?
Bentley: Its impact will shake the Nightclub's front peacock sign loose from its moorings... look I can't talk now. I've got to keep moving, keep safe!
— Why the disco ball must be destroyed[src]

"Disco Demolitions" was a job for Bentley in The Black Chateau of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. This is Bentley's first job and serves as a tutorial.


In "Moonlight Rendezvous," Neyla gave Sly Cooper a key to the nightclub's back door. Now it's up to Bentley to break in and finish the job.


In order to loosen up the peacock sign in front of Dimitri's nightclub, Bentley needed to drop the disco ball. To do that, he bombed all four pillars that supported the ball. After the bombing, the ball crashed on the ground and the peacock sign was successfully loosed from its moorings. Job complete.