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My suit is Greasy Sweet!
— Dimitri

Dimitri Lousteau
SLY Dimitri
Artwork of Dimitri from Theives in Time
In Game Information
SpeciesMarine Iguana
AffiliationsKlaww Gang (formerly)
Cooper Gang (currently)
AliasesAgent Deep Six
Monsieur Magnificento
WeaponsElectric Ring
Tail Swipe
Spear Gun
Current StatusAlive
Real World Information
AppearancesThe Adventures of Sly Cooper
Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Bentley's Hackpack
Voice ActorDavid Scully
Dimitri Lousteau is an anthropomorphic Marine Iguana from the Sly Cooper Series. He was a secondary antagonist in Sly 2: Band of Thieves before becoming a main protagonist and playable character in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. He was the main antagonist of Episode 1: The Black Chateau of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


At a young age he was sent to live with his grandparents and grew up listening to stories of his grandfather, Reme Lousteau, recovering treasure from pirate ship wrecks, however this life of adventure was cut short when his diving gear was stolen. He learned English by listening to music videos and now mimics their speech which other characters have difficulty understanding.

Marrying for Profit

Carmelita: Paint? Easels? Canvases? This looks like--
D'Oinkeau: No! Can it be?! Dimitri?! A forger??!

— Carmelita and D'Oinkeau in Dimitri's mansion's attic

Dimitri, a then art forger, pretended to be in love with an art aficionado named Beverly D'Oinkeau, and got close to her so that she would propose to him, With the engagement gift being The Venus De Marco, a valuable art statue in D'Oinkeau's possession. Dimitri planned to steal the statue once it was given to him. The statue was then on display during a party at Dimitri's mansion in Monaco. Dimitri had some of his men forging painting's in the mansion's attic during the party. To ensure that The Venus De Marco was safe D'Oinkeau invited Inspector Carmelita Fox to protect it, much to Dimitri's chagrin. D'Oinkeau showed Inspector Fox The Venus De Marco with Dimitri in tow. While viewing the statue three guards informed Ms. D'Oinkeau the Sly Cooper, a well known thief, was spotted in the attic. Inspector Fox then rushed to the attic to get to the criminal she had waited years to arrest.
Dimitri nervous

Dimitri trying to stop Inspector Fox from discovering his henchmen forging paintings.

Dimitri, now fearing that he would be found out, tried to keep the Inspector away from the attic. Failing to do so, he told both Carmelita and D'Oinkeau that he would check on the party to see that everything was 'grooving'. Inspector Fox did not find Sly, but found all of Dimitri's men knocked out along with forging equipment. D'Oinkeau then realized that her fiancé was a forger. While both woman were in the attic, Dimitri made his escape. It was revealed that the guards that informed D'Oinkeau of Sly's appearance were actually Sly and his gang members Bentley and Murray. They had previously knocked the guards out and told D'Oinkeau of Sly's appearance knowing that both she and Carmelita would rush to the scene, while the Cooper gang stole The Venus De Marco.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Show your bling and let me shine you!
— Dimitri to Sly Cooper

Dimitri was a promising young art student before his corruption. He developed his own style, dubbed "kinetic aesthetic," which consisted of him merely swinging back and forth from a rope tied around his waist and painting the canvas when he swung by. Alas, it was rejected outright and Dimitri was cast out of the art community. Infuriated, he began forging old masterpieces, his idea of punishing those with bad taste.

Joining the Klaww Gang, Dimitri set up a nightclub in Paris, drawing in patrons from all around the city. Funneling illegal spice sent from Rajan into the population by covering food with it, Dimitri contributed greatly to Arpeggio's plans. In addition, Dimitri modified the Clockwerk Tail Feathers for use as printing plates. Using their unique alloy, Dimitri could create an endless supply of counterfeit money.

After several missions, Sly confronted Dimitri in his lair. Sly was quickly befuddled by Dimitri's strange English, which he had learned from watching music videos (which could be a reference to Tony Montana learning English from movies). Sly responds, "I have no idea what you're saying. And your suit sucks!" Insulted, Dimitri attacks. Dodging blasts of energy from Dimitri's ring, Sly beats the lounge lizard and retrieves the Clockwerk tail feathers. Dimitri was shortly thereafter arrested by Carmelita Fox and Constable Neyla. The end credits for Sly 2 show Dimitri has become a dance instructor on a cruise ship. However, in the second Sly Cooper comic, he is shown as being in jail, serving time in Heathrow Prison.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

Looking for main man Murray, eh? Sorry, but I'd rather see you get busted big time! Guard! Politzia!
— Dimitri to Sly Cooper

Sly later ran into Dimitri in Venice during his first mission of when he tangles with Octavio. Seeking the missing Murray, Sly found Dimitri instead, locked up in a Venice Police Headquarters (which questioned his ending at Sly 2 and why Dimitri would still be in jail according to Sly). Dimitri is still peeved at Sly for ruining him, still calling his nickname "Cracker box" before nearly getting the cops' attention. Cutting a deal, the two arranged for Dimitri to escape while Sly kept Carmelita busy outside. In return, the former forger alerted Murray to the presence of his friends in Venice, thus facilitating the Cooper Gang's reassembly.

Dimitri in his gear

A proud Dimitri wearing his Grandfather's diving gear.

Running into Dimitri in Holland, where he is working as an announcer, Sly requested that he help the Cooper Gang locate the lineup for the ACES dogfight tournament, giving Team Cooper a heads up on who they would be flying against so they could enact sabotage. After being pressured, Dimitri agreed, but only if the gang agreed to owe him a favor. Calling in that favor later, Dimitri summoned the Cooper Gang to Blood Bath Bay.

In this pirate location, Dimitri's grandfather, Reme Lousteau, had created diving gear and stolen loot from sunken ships. However, the gear was stolen, and Reme started a family. Dimitri grew up on the stories, and vowed to reclaim the treasure. After he helps the gang beat Captain LeFwee, he joins the gang as their frog-man, despite not being asked to do so. After the gang split up, Dimitri became a professional skin diver with girls and money. The last Bentley heard from him was a postcard: "I'm here, wish you were fine-like me."

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Bentley: You really want DIMITRI calling you?
Sly: Good point.

— Sly and Bentley in Episode 3: Clan of the Cave Raccoon

Dimitri holding the Thievius Raccoonus

Dimitri receiving the Thievius Raccoonus.

In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Sly and the gang contact Dimitri, Sly saying he is a good friend, to watch the Thievius Racconus as a precaution. They make a deal by stating that he will watch the book and tell the gang if the book changes at all. Bentley creates a device (a crystal-powered radio) to contact Dimitri anytime and anywhere and then leave to avoid his "fashion critiques". Dimitri stays in the present to watch the gang's Paris safehouse and to update Bentley with any changes to the Thievius Raccoonus. He does not come with the gang to the past. He is vital to the gang's whereabouts, as he directs them on any trouble in the book. He is constantly saying bizarre things that don't make any sense to the rest of the gang.

After Sly's disappearance he takes it rather hard, sitting in a dark corner of the hideout, showing how much he valued his former enemy. He later got his own television show called Disco Diver that chronicles his adventures.

Some of his quotes from the game are:

  • "I was afraid my pals were WARPING THEIR FACES OFF!"


Dimitri is an anthropomorphic marine iguana (however, in the comics he is called a lizard). In Sly 2, he wears a dark green suit and a red shirt underneath. When depicted in his diving gear, it is obvious he is reasonably fatter in the stomach than originally believed. This could be because his original suit was designed to keep his belly tucked in. He speaks an odd form of English, which contains bits of street slang he learned from watching hip-hop music videos. This strange form of English mostly consists of phrases like "Show your bling, and let me shine you," "Let's dance," "I'm mag-to the-jag-to the-nificiant!" and his unofficial catchphrase, "Greasy Sweet!!". He gives nicknames to his associates, frequently calling Sly a "crackerbox" and Murray "Main man Murray". Dimitri also has an enormous ego, which is only enhanced when he obtains his diving gear. He also believes that he is irresistible to women, including hitting on Penelope when they're alone, thinking she's in love with him and not Bentley. This leads her to come up with two rules: "1. Get over yourself, and 2. I mean it, get over yourself". His user name in the Thiefnet chatroom is shown as being "greasysweet1," and his code name on the Cooper Vault Job is "Agent Deep Six."


Dimitri is not a high level fighter like Sly himself (Sly constantly points this out in Sly 3 as a means of threatening him), but he coped by moving at blinding speeds and firing energy from a ring, which if shot too much shorts out. In water Dimitri shows to be a superior fighter in the water by using swift evasive maneuvers and a spear gun, with which he proves to be an excellent marksman. His water skills were enough to defeat Dr. M and his mutant angler fish.

He is also stated by Sly to have "the best fashion sense of anyone I know" and even though he was just flattering him to get information, it's most likely the truth.

In the April 2012 PlayStation Magazine, he's shown wielding a cane of his own. Whether or not that is his primary weapon of sorts is unknown.

Dimitri's Goons

Each member of the Klaww Gang has guards to suit the environment. In his case, Dimitri hired local street thugs consisting of Rats and Frogs alongside his security Warthogs.

French Frogs

Strength - attention

The frogs fight hand to hand by using strong, but easy to dodge punches. The two types of these frogs guards are as classified below:

Type 1: The frog-guards with no megaphone perform the two punches.

Type 2: Those with megaphones will use their tongue to whip you.

The frogs do not counter-attack when hit.

French Rats

Strength - close fighting

There are two types of rats that will wander the streets of Paris. They are as follows:

Type 1: This type carries around a billy-club and can rush you with a spinning move. Once they start attacking this way, though, they can't change course, and are easily dodged. When they're attack is finished, they will do a backflip. They may also use dynamite (which Murray can pick up before it explodes).

Type 2: This type has no weapon, but they will jump and try to smash you.

The rats counter-attack when hit.

Janitor Mice

Strength - close fighting

There is only one type of Janitor Mouse, and can only be found inside of Dimitri's Nightclub.

If alerted, they will charge or perform a spinning attack using their brooms.

The mice counter-attack when hit.

Wild Boar Guards

Strength - strong

There is only one type of Wild boar Guard that patrols the streets of Paris.

These guards are the strongest guards for the level. They are equipped with pistols and flashlights. If they stop you they fire with astounding accuracy and attack with their tusks if at a close range.

The wild boars counter-attack when hit.

Dimitri's Status

  • Dimitri is the frogman and 7th member of the Cooper Gang.
  • He currently is a skin diver and gets a lot of ladies.
  • He is currently starring in a television show chronicling his diving life, called Disco Diver.




  • In Dimitri's office there is a painting which Sly can steal and trade for a good price. It is surprising, though, that while Dimitri has a piece of art in the office, he hasn't forged it yet.
  • According to the E3 trailer Dimitri has somehow mastered all of Sly's skills. Now that we know he was in charge of the Thevius Raccoonus during the events of the game, it could be possible he looked in the book while the gang was in the past.
  • Although one of his guards are in PlayStation Move Heroes (Wild Boar Bodyguards), Dimitri himself has no connection nor affiliation with the story of PSMH.
  • Dimitri is on the floor above Raleigh, Muggshot and Mz. Ruby in the Sly Cooper Comics.
  • As well as being a skin diver, he is a dance instructor (as shown in Sly 2).
  • In the Cooper Vault job he is known as "Agent Deep Six" but works "Submersibles" for the operation and can be seen in the water when Sly needs his help for the lasers.
  • If his grandfather never lost his diving gear, Dimitri would've never been born.
  • Some of Dimitri's guards make a cameo appearance in Sly 3 Episode 1 setup where they are fighting with Murray.
  • Dimitri's signature color is indigo.
  • Dimitri was supposed to be the main boss of the Monaco world in Sly 2; however, it was cut from the game.
  • Dimitri's name could be a reference to the French music producer and DJ Dimitris Yerasimos, known as "Dimitri From Paris".
  • Dimitri was shown in the debut trailer, and there is concept art for him. In the trailer, Dimitri was shown using a silver cane, though it may have just been inserted to give the illusion that he was Sly.
  • In Honor Among Thieves, although he is not identified in the beginning, if you zoom in to the left wall when you're in Dr. M's underwater lab with the binocucom, you can see Dimitri in his diving gear, though only a black shade in the shape of him.
  • Dimitri shows his sadness for Sly being missing by turning off his music and sitting down sadly.
  • Dimitri is noticeably shorter in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.
  • Some of Dimitri's most famous catchphrases are, "Greasy Sweet!" "Show your bling and let me shine you!" and "I see you still a cracker-box."
  • The voice of Dimitri, David Scully, also voices Sir Raleigh, RajanOctavio, and LeFwee.
  • In Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Dimitri gets arrested by Carmelita. However, during the credits, he is shown to be a dance instructor on a cruise ship. In Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, Dimitri once again appears in jail.
  • He is considered by many to be the strangest villian of the Sly Cooper series.
  • When he says "What is it with you and clocks, bro?" after Sly keeps asking him for Clockwerk's Tail Feathers, it shows he doesn't understand the importance of the tool at all. This could be implying that Arpeggio and Neyla didn't tell the rest of the Klaww Gang about the origin of the parts.
  • Dimitri is the only villain in Sly 2 to have a splash intro screen. This was done for the Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Demo.
  • Dimitri is one of four characters in the series to smoke. The others being Inspector BarkleyEl Jefe, and "Tennessee Kid" Cooper
  • The reason why Dimitri has no lines in the Finnish version of Thieves In Time is because his original voice actor, Pauli Virta, died in 2011.
  • Dimitri was an enemy of the cooper gang in Sly 2 but in Sly 3 when Sly busts him out of prison that starts the friendship they have to this day, although he doesn't join the Cooper Gang until Episode 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • One of Dimitri's lines in Sly 2 when eavesdropping on the bug in safehouse is: "You talking to me, my friend? I don't see anyone else in here, so I guess you're talking to me." This is a clear reference to Robert DeNiro movie Taxi Driver, in which the main character also says this.
  • Dimitri's tongue in Sly 2 is green, but in Sly 3 it is purple.
  • Dimitri is one of only two characters to curse in the series (excluding Bentley's "Oh my gawd.") In Episode 5 of Sly 3 , when the player's boat takes damage, he'll sometimes say "Damn, I heard that! I fix."

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