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Dimitri's Nightclub
Dimitri's Nightclub interior

Dimitri's Nightclub was a building in Paris that served as Dimitri's main base of operations, as well as his counterfeit factory. The Nightclub was heavily guarded by Dimitri's Warthog Guards, as well as by the French Rats and Frogs. The Nightclub had its own theatre, as well as its own discothèque. During the events of Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Sly infiltrated the Nightclub in order to recover the Clockwerk Tail Feathers and to put a stop to Dimitri's counterfeiting operation. Sly confronted Dimitri, and tried to convince him that the Clockwerk parts were dangerous. Dimitri refused to heed Sly's warnings, and the two ended up battling for the Clockwerk parts. Sly managed to defeat Dimitri, who was later arrested by Carmelita Fox. With its owner arrested, the Nightclub was closed down.

The Nightclub consisted of various rooms, which is:

  • Main room
  • Vine cellar
  • Dimitri's office/HQ
  • Waterpump room
  • Theater
  • Disco
  • Printing room


  • If one of the sound systems is destroyed the Remix Version of Dimitri's Greasy Sweet song will play instead of the original version.
  • In Dimitri's office there is a painting that Sly can steal and trade for a good price. It is surprising though that while Dimitri has a piece of Art in office, he has yet to forge it.
  • When Playing as Sly, you can go back into the Nightclub and climb on top of Dimitri's office

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