Add some sparkle to your hideout with this beautiful diamond encrusted, gold mini-cactus! This meticulously crafted replica succulent features a smooth gold veneer implanted with sultry jewels. A solid oak planter rounds out the presentation with a touch of rustic charm!
— In-game description[src]

The Diamond Cactus is a treasure found in Go West Young Raccoon of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It is worth 118 coins and has a time limit of approximately 60 seconds to get it to the safe house.


It is a small cactus comprised of gold, with yellow, green and red jewels embedded within its three stems instead of spines. It is potted within a brown barrel that is seemingly held together by a single rope wrapped around the top half.


This treasure is pretty easy to find. Head to the northeastern corner of town and look between two ramps.