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Oh my gawd! A green waterfall overflowing with bones and body parts. I'm telling you, the health department's going to come down bigtime on this dump.
— Bentley disgusted by Mz. Ruby's watefall

"Descent into Danger" was a job in Episode 3: Vicious Voodoo of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. Sly enters the source of the green goo used in the Ghost Production Facility to create Mz. Ruby's Ghost Cat army. Sly must venture through the foul place, battling Voodoo Mystics, Demonic Turtles, and Blue Widows in order to achieve a Treasure Key.

Video Walkthrough

Descent into Danger20:55

Descent into Danger

Walkthrough of this level from 1:34 - 11:53.

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