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"The sea monster is upon us! Go below deck and placate the others. I will confront this creature with my firework artistry!"
— Panda King just before protecting the Cooper Gang's ship from Chrusher

Crusher from the Depths
Chronological Information
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Real World Information
Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Episode 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Crusher from the Depths is a mission for Panda King in the Dead Men Tell No Tales episode of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. To aid in stopping LeFwee, Bentley suggests convincing Crusher to join them. Subdue Crusher using both the Panda King and Sly's skills.

How to Complete

After the cutscene, Sly and Bentley will go below deck. Use your fireworks to deal with any tentacles that may come your way. Crusher will come up to surface to face the Panda King. Target the head of Crusher using a full pack of fireworks, but you must dodge the fiery meteors that Crusher shoots out at you. Do this five times and he'll go underwater to try and pull the ship down.

Target the tentacles with your fireworks. You can also use Flame Fu, but the fireworks are quicker. After a certain amount of time, Crusher will relent and come back to surface. Do the same maneuvers as in the first fight. The Crusher is down for now, but the Panda King is out of fireworks. Control will switch to Sly.

Whack the tentacles so that they stick to the ship, then fire the cannons once Crusher gets close. Do this five times and it's job complete.

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