Crusher is a large squid found in Blood Bath Bay in Dead Men Tell No Tales of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves that is based on the legendary Kraken. It is the seventh boss fought in the game.


With multiple eyes and an arsenal of tentacles, this creature is most feared by pirates. After hearing about the monster and having a need to repel a horde of pirates to rescue Penelope from Captain LeFwee, Bentley decided to encounter Crusher by going to the misty northern-most waters of the ocean, this being Crusher's habitat. When the Cooper Gang reached the monster's foggy lair, they were instantly attacked by Crusher.

The Panda King and Sly Cooper engaged the beast in battle while the rest of the Cooper Gang sought shelter inside the ship's bottom deck. After the lengthy battle, during which it attacked the Panda King and Sly with its tentacles and molten rocks launched from its beak, the two defeated Crusher and The Guru convinced the squid to help the Cooper Gang rescue Penelope from Captain LeFwee. After helping the Cooper Gang rescue Penelope, Crusher presumably returned to its underwater lair.




  • Except for Captain LeFwee, Crusher is the only other boss to not have a health meter.
  • Similar to the Beast, an enemy from inFAMOUS 2 is named after this character.

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