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This page is about the location of the Cooper Clan's accumulated treasures. For the job, see The Cooper Vault.

On arriving there, we discovered some one by the name of Dr. M had already set up shop, by the looks of things, he had been trying to crack it for years.
Sly Cooper

Cooper vault unlocked

The Cooper Clan Vault is located on Kaine Island. Created by Slytunkhamen Cooper II around 1300 B.C., the Cooper Vault contains the fortune and all of the Cooper legacy. Only a Cooper cane can open it.


Inside the vault is all of the fortune and wealth of the Cooper line, and a memory pedestal that shows off the cane that the particular Cooper member owned and used, (With the exception of Sly's Father, whose cane Sly currently possesses). Also it contains the greatest treasure each Cooper had. It has certain traps only a Cooper could stand through and pass. The entire treasure trove in which the Cooper had placed their treasure had been placed at the very end of the vault inside the Inner Sanctum, which not only held treasure but also some of the Cooper's greatest inventions.

Treasures and Canes

Slytunkhamen Cooper II (Founder of the Vault, ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Thief from 3000 years ago) - Twin kopesh-like canes, his sarcophagus. 1300 B.C.

Salim al Kupar of Arabia (Arabian sultan and had the stealth of 40 thieves) - Scimitar-like cane, a rug and Arabian lamp. 1001 A.D.

Sir Galleth of the Knights of the Cooper Order (Honorable knight and cunning thief) - Lance-like cane, his shield. 1301 A.D.

Slaigh MacCooper (Scottish thief and also known as the strongest of the Clan) - War-hammer-like cane, his wooden shield. Between 1300 A.D- 1600 A.D.

Rioichi Cooper (Japanese assassin and ninja thief)- Twin sai-like canes, a suit of samurai armor and a jade dragon. 1603 A.D.

Henriette "One Eye" Cooper (Talented pirate and captain of Thief Pirate Crew) - Hook-like cane, a cannon.1616 A.D.

"Tennessee Kid" Cooper (Western American outlaw and railroad thief) - Pistol-like cane, a wagon wheel and a horn from a steer. 1884 A.D.

Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III (British aristocrat and gentlemanly thief) - Ruby embellished cane, cup/goblet. 1893 A.D.

Otto Van Cooper (Outstanding mechanic and clever Thief) - Propeller-like cane, tool boxes and his plane. From 1900 A.D. onwards.

Sly's Father (Scientific thief and proud father of Sly Cooper) - Cane now belongs to Sly, a laptop, and a microscope.

And there were other cooper sections that Sly did not see yet...

Dr. M's Fortress

For years, a mandrill called Dr. M tried to break the door to take the fortune inside the vault. However the vault could only be opened by a cooper's cane and over the decades Dr.M grew paranoid and built a massive fortress around the entire island with security as tight as Fort Knox. He went as far to even create genetically altered hybrid mutant guards and acquiring the deed to the island. Dr.M didn't know however there was another way into the vault; a backdoor so to speak that Carmelita managed to find during Sly's final showdown with Dr.M inside the vault as it came crumbling down from Dr.M blasting away carelessly.

The Last Showdown

In Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves, Sly, Bentley and Murray finally get inside the Cooper Vault. But only Sly can go deep inside the vault, as Bentley says "Go Sly, this place was built for you". Dr. M follows Sly by means of a tracking device that he planted on Sly's cane, and they start fighting when he finds Sly in the Inner Sanctum. In the middle of the fight, Carmelita arrives, and Sly takes a shot for her and seemingly loses his memory. Carmelita defeats Dr. M, and she and Sly escape from the vault (Dr. M refuses to leave). As a result, the Cooper Vault capsizes, and Bentley heads to the sanctum to find Sly. He finds Sly's cane left behind, along with Sly's family vault money.

Between Honor Among Thieves and Thieves in Time, Bentley and Penelope became the temporary keepers and the maintainers of the Cooper Vault, and have made repairs to it.

The absolutely current status of the Vault is unknown.


  • Salim was around before Sir Galleth, yet Sir Galleth's section is before Salim's.
  • It is unclear whether the other Coopers had a section in the vault, but in the first cutscene of Sly 3 it says that all Coopers put their loot in there. Also there is a wooden part to the right of Slaigh's picture, then a small bit of water, then wall, it is likely that this part of the vault collapsed, sealing off the other Coopers' sections, so Sly's father carried on after Otto's section.
  • It appears that Slaigh and Tennessee re-built parts of the first two Coopers' sections as some things aren't from their times.
  • Caveman "Bob" Cooper, the minor Coopers, Slytunkhamen I and Sly himself are the only members that do not have sections in the Cooper Vault.
  • There is poison leaking into the water from the ceiling. It is unknown if this due to Dr. M's contraptions causing radiation in the island or if it was an intentional security hazard.
  • Despite the vaults seemingly impenetrable fortification that only a Cooper can bypass, Bentley was able to enter the Inner Sanctum and Carmelita was able to break through a back entrance. There was also a cave opening that lead to the Cooper fortune hidden only by some bush that Sly left open for the rest of his gang.


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