Muggshot: Greetings Trog-O-lid-ites. Didn't think I forgot about Mesa City did ya? I figured you jerks let me smash up your aero-plane and we're even.
Murray: You and what army dumb-guy?
Muggshot: Army? Oh yeah. OK boys, I paid you off good enough, time to crack some skulls!
— Muggshot and Murray[src]

"Cooper Hangar Defense" was a job for Murray, Bentley and Penelope in Flight of Fancy of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Murray enters the Cooper hangar and is approached by Bentley, who says that he has been working on getting the security devices online and that they're almost operational, but that Penelope heard a rumor that a rival air team might be coming to cause mischief. Bentley suggests that Murray stand watch while he finishes getting the security online.

Immediately after Bentley leaves, the doors are opened by Muggshot, who suggests allowing him to smash the Cooper plane as payment for what Sly had done to him in Mesa City. Murray denies the request, causing Muggshot to call in his "army," which consists of the Black Baron's guards that have been paid off, to come and take care of Murray.

Muggshot is impervious to Murray's fists, so as he fights off the guards, he presses a button in the middle of the room that swings an engine towards Muggshot, hitting him in the chest. After hitting him several times, Muggshot withdraws, stating that this was just the beginning.

Bentley then says over the PA system that Muggshot wasn't making idle threats, and that there were guards coming at them from the sewers. He uses his newly online security to stop the guards from coming up through the pipes into the hangar. Any guards that do make it past were taken out by Murray before they could reach the Cooper plane.

After taking out all of the incoming guards, Bentley contacts Penelope through his ham radio. She explains that she knows that the attack is taking place, and that she would be happy to use her RC chopper to help defend the hangar.

She flies the chopper around the grounds, using its grapple hook to grab on to the guards and tanks that are headed for the hangar, then boosts to launch them, or their turrets in the case of the tanks, into the air. After defending the hangar for several minutes, the assault stops, and Bentley congratulates Penelope's RC piloting skills. She replies with a thanks, and says that no one sells out the Black Baron and gets away scot-free. Mission complete.