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We're a team, and we have each other's backs. That's why we're unbeatable.
— Bentley

Fullgang quality

The Cooper Gang as they appear in Sly 3

The Cooper Gang is an infamous thief organization from the Sly Cooper series.


The Cooper Gang is a generation of an old group of thieves gathered around the Cooper Clan. The most modern incarnations are the trio formed by Sly's father, which included the walrus McSweeney and mandrill Dr. M, and the current Cooper Gang with Sly, Bentley, and Murray.

Current members

Cooper Gang Disguise Ep5

The Cooper Gang in disguise while traveling to Blood Bath Bay

  • Sly Cooper – Master Thief (currently stranded in Ancient Egypt)
  • Bentley – Brains (currently figuring out a way to bring Sly back)
  • Murray – Brawn & Getaway Driver (currently a professional wrestler to stay in fighting shape)
  • Dimitri – Diver (currently a reality TV star)

Aside from their main name, the gang is also known as Team Cooper when they enter the ACES Competition.

In Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, the gang expanded to include (before disbanding):

In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, the gang expanded to include:

After Sly 3

By the end of the third game, the Cooper Gang disbanded. Sly faked amnesia to pursue a relationship with Carmelita, Murray completed his training with the Guru and became a race car driver with the Cooper Van, and Bentley and his girlfriend Penelope stuck together to repair the Cooper Vault and build a time machine. Dimitri, the Panda King, and the Guru also part with the rest of the team, with the Guru returning to Australia and teaching his mystic art to a group of rock stars (who found him even in New York City), the Panda King returned to China and is living happily close to his family and screening all his daughter's suitors (as of yet, she is still unmarried), and Dimitri becomes a celebrity skin diver whom the ladies and money flock to.

After Thieves in Time

By the end of Thieves in Time, the main members of the gang, save for Sly, are still together. Penelope, after her betrayal, was locked up in Europe's most secure prison, but escaped. Bentley is currently figuring out where to find Sly, while receiving several postcards of crimes with Penelope's insignia at the scene. Carmelita went back to Interpol, throwing herself into her work and arresting criminals at record pace. Murray went into the pro-wrestling circuit to keep his fighting skills up. Dimitri returned to his celebrity scuba diving career and even got his own reality show-entitled "Disco Diver."

If all the trophies are collected, it will be revealed that Sly was sent back through time when Le Paradox's blimp crashed and is now stranded in Ancient Egypt.



  • Penelope, Panda King and the Guru do not return as members of the Cooper Gang in Thieves in Time. Penelope still plays a major role in the game, being the villain of the Medieval England time period, the native time of Sir Galleth Cooper.
  • The only member of the Gang who is not referenced in Thieves in Time is Panda King.

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