The Clockwerk Talons were one of the Clockwerk Parts that helped Clockwerk survive for hundreds of years. The Thievius Raccoonus had recorded several accounts of Clockwerk slicing through plates of steel with his razor-sharp grasp.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Jean Bison, with his abilities as a lumberjack, was able to use them to great effect in Canada to 'Tame the Wild North'. Since the talons could cut through steel, they drove through even the hardest of trees like a knife through butter. In a recon job that Sly pulled off, he overheard Jean talking to himself, saying that to entice his workers to tame the wilderness faster, he'd put the Clockwerk Talons as first prize in their annual Lumberjack Games.

The Cooper Gang competed in the Lumberjack Games to win the Clockwerk Talons off of Jean Bison. They cheated, but Jean Bison figured it out and knocked them all out by throwing his staff at them. After they escaped, they learn that they are inside of an old sawmill. When Bentley escapes, he finds Jean Bison in the sawmill. He calls Bentley "stew-pid", and tells him that his men ransacked their hideout and stole all of the Clockwerk parts and sold them to Arpeggio, including the Talons. After the destruction of the Hate Chip, the Talons disintegrated along with all of the other parts.


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