CStomach and CLungs

The Clockwerk Lungs and Stomach were some of the Clockwerk Parts that helped Clockwerk survive for hundreds of years.

Sly 2: Band of ThievesEdit

They were given to Jean Bison, and were used by him to power his trains indefinitely, transporting illegal spice across North America.

After the two lungs were easily taken by Sly and Bentley, the stomach was bolted down, and was detached by the explosion from a bomb dropped from Bentley's RC chopper. They were later stolen back by Jean Bison and given to Arpeggio, and reassembled into the body of Clockwerk and then Clock-la. They eventually faded into dust when Carmelita destroyed the Hate Chip.



  • Sly was, by his own admission, disturbed that out of all the Clockwerk Parts, Jean Bison chose to take his stomach and lungs.

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