Clockwerk's Death Ray was a massive weapon built within the Krakarov Volcano. It served as the headquarters of Clockwerk's fortress and bore a striking
Death Ray Pit

Clockwerk's Death Ray

resemblance to Clockwerk himself. During the events of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly and the gang had to avoid the Death Ray's attacks in order to gain access to Clockwerk's fortress. Later, due to Carmelita's shooting, the magnatronic support fields for the Death Ray were destroyed, and the gigantic machine began sinking into the lava below. Sly had to climb to the top in order to reach Carmelita's jetpack, which was on top of the Death Ray.

After Sly recovered the jetpack, the Death Ray sank into the lava pit, and only the Clockwerk-shaped head was left visible.


  • Some parts of the Death Ray appeared to be incomplete, which means that Clockwerk was still building the machine when Sly arrived. However, the Death Ray was fully functional.
    The Death Ray is Destroyed

    Sly flying near the destroyed Death Ray.