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"Punch it!"
— Murray, as he drives Sly and Bentley away with the Clockwerk Wing's in tow

Clear the Way for Murray
Chronological Information
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Real World Information
'Sly 2: Band of Thieves'
A Starry Eyed Encounter

"Clear the Way for Murray" is a job in the A Starry Eyed Encounter episode of Sly 2: Band of Thieves, and a continuation of "Tango with Carmelita."

This is also the last of three parts of "Operation: Hippo Drop," the first two parts being "Bomb the Bridge" and "Tango with Carmelita," respectively.


Murray successfully snatched the Clockwerk wings from the ballroom, but he still needs to make it out of the palace, and Rajan's guards are determined to stop him from getting away. Bentley must use his RC chopper to protect Murray from the goons while he gets the wings out of the palace.


  • Protect Murray from the guards


"Protect Murray while he carries out the Clockwerk wings. If the guards spot him...he's finished!"
— In-Game Description

Use the chopper's bombs to get rid of the guards following Murray, just like Bentley did with the jeep. If Murray's health meter is completely depleted, you will have to start over. Don't worry about hitting Murray with the bombs as they will not harm him. Keep Murray safe from the guards until he passes the drawbridge and gets into the van. Once that happens, Murray will tell his friends to get the van moving which they do. After the cutscene is done, you have now completed this job and episode.

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