Clan of the Cave Raccoon is the third episode in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It takes place in Gungathal Valley in the year 10,000 BC and features Bob Cooper as Sly's ancestor. The villain for the episode is a black bear named Grizz.


Sly Cooper

Sly will have to do some recon of the Temporal Sprocket that the mother pterodactyl has, the Gravity Encabulator that one of the prehistoric penguins has and the conveyor belt located at the cliffside.

Sly sets out to investigate the strange arena structure and find out what The Grizz is doing in there.

Sly needs to tail The Grizz to get the code to get inside the mountain base.

With Murray on a conveyor to a different direction, Sly will have to take his role in the heist and defend the computer connected to the base production system.


Bentley will have to make his way through the icy caves to find and tag The Grizz.

Bentley will have to make his way through the mountain base and sabotage each egg vat.


Murray will have to clear out the pack of guards before trying to climb up the ice wall to the pterodactyl nests.

After failing to climb up the ice wall, Murray is left with the task of collecting the Gravity Encabulator from 6 penguins.

Murray takes over Sly's role in the heist after he got carried away by the conveyor and confronts The Grizz.

Bob Cooper

Bob will first have to train hard in Slippery Slope, Penguin Popper, Sumo Slap, Duck & Cover, Super Sling and Whack A Chump in order to get back into climbing shape.

After Murray fails to climb up the ice wall, Bob is sent in his place to climb up to the nests and collect the Temporal Sprocket.

After Bentley sabotages the egg vats, Bob will have to climb the tower to pry open the steam valves to shut down the production in the mountain base.


  • The title of the episode is a play on title of the first book The Clan of the Cave Bear in Jean M. Auel's historical fiction series Earth's Children.
  • This episode is takes place farther back than any other episode in Thieves in Time, and is also the earliest known dates for anything relating to Sly Cooper or his lineage.
  • Despite being named "Clan of the Cave Raccoon" Bob's clan never appears in the episode.

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