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Cane Swat Combo was a purchasable power-up for Sly Cooper, as well as a default ability for Sly's ancestors, in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


The Cane Swat Combo allows a Cooper to follow up any cane swing (usually a bone swing in Bob's case) with a more powerful ranged attack, provided the user is not in the air. The move is performed by first pressing SquareButton to swing the cane, and then pressing TriangleButton not long after the swing for the follow-up attack. The actual follow-up attack varies for different users.

Sly Cooper

Sly will swing the cane as if it was a golf club, creating a damaging construct resembling the hook of his cane that expands a few feet forward. Sly is the only Cooper whose Cane Swat Combo needs to be purchased as a power-up.

Rioichi Cooper

Rioichi will spin around, in the process separating his cane into dual canes with shuriken attached to them, and throw the shuriken forward using the canes. The attack has more horizontal range than Sly's version, as the shuriken spread out horizontally with distance, and can hit opponents relatively far away from where they were thrown.

"Tennessee Kid" Cooper

Tennessee will fire one large, spherical, glowing bullet from his cane straight forward. Like Rioichi's version, the bullet can hit opponents far away from where it was fired. Unlike Rioichi's shuriken, however, the bullet has homing properties; it targets the first guard that is relatively close horizontally to the bullet, but not more than several levels from it. Unfortunately, this does not take into account potential obstacles like buildings, so it is possible to instead hit buildings and other structures that happen to be in the way.

Bob Cooper

Bob will jump while holding his weapon vertically over his head before slamming the weapon into the ground. The slam causes a damaging, yellow, glowing crack to spread a few feet forward. The crack disappears soon afterwards.

Sir Galleth Cooper

Sir Galleth will grab his cane by the base end in one hand and point it forward, rapidly jabbing with it while taking a step forward.

Salim al-Kupar

Salim will spin around and hold his hands out in front of him, using magic to spray what appears to be sand a few feet forward.


  • During Tennessee's Cane Swat Combo, the force of the shot causes his hat to flip forward, momentarily obscuring his vision. Tennessee will then flip the hat backwards, causing it to return to its original position.
  • Salim's Cane Swat Combo is the only version that does not incorporate the cane into the follow-up attack.
  • Murray has an equivalent to the Cane Swat Combo called the Elbo El Drop'o Combo.

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