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Bentley: I hope you realize that by saving Carmelita we're only making our operation more difficult.
Sly: Maybe so, but what's the fun in stealing if there's nobody trying to catch you? Besides, she's helped us out in the past.
Bentley: That, and you've got a thing for her.
— After saving Carmelita[src]

"Canal Chase" was a job for Bentley in An Opera of Fear of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Bentley has found out that Don Octavio has hired the Blue Viper Gondola Gang to dispose of Inspector Carmelita Fox, who is on her daily patrol. Bentley hotwires a police gondola and takes the turret, while Sly drives.

The canal Bentley and Sly are chasing the Vipers in is packed with other boats, so they'll need to jump when necessary. After defeating the three Vipers, Carmelita is safe.

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