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Burning Rubber
Burning Rubber Van
Episode Episode 5: The Cold Heart of Hate
Clue Bottles 0
Master Thief Sprint Time
Rewards 0

Burning Rubber is a level in The Cold Heart of Hate in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. After crossing Krack-Karov's perilous road, Sly and the gang find themselves inside a cavern, which has several computers suspended in its ceiling. In order to venture further in Clockwerk's fortress, they have to analyze the computers. Seeing as Murray trashed the van's turret, Bentley has to hack the computers connection couplings, making them fall. Murray then has to run over them with the Cooper Van. However, the cavern soon fills with Fire Slugs, that are trying to destroy the computers before Murray. Murray has to use the van to ram the computers before the Fire Slugs destroy them all. Once this is done, the gang is able to proceed.

Video Walkthrough

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