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Bentley: Any attempt at Dr. M or the Cooper Vault will be impossible with these radar towers linked to the missile turrets. Wait a second. Penelope, have you completed the work we talked about on you RC car?
Penelope: Yeah... oh I see where you're going. That'll work! Smash the drones, siphon their power and fry the towers' matrix.
Bentley: Perfect, let's get your car onto a drone patrol pipe!
— Thinking together to destroy Dr. M's radar towers[src]

"Bump-Charge-Jump" was a job for Penelope in Honor Among Thieves of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Use the RC car to destroy the radar towers, thereby preventing the missiles from targeting Sly's biplane.

How to Complete

To destroy the first radar tower, you will need to take out five security drones on the track. Use Penelope's car's bumpers to knock them down. Use L2Button and R2Button. Make sure to collect the energy from the cars once they are defeated. Once this is done, Bentley will open up the first gate. Ride up to it, and you will automatically destroy the tower and land on the next track. Destroy five more security drones. Collect their energy and use the ramp to destroy the next tower. You will then land on the last track. Destroy 5 more security drones. Collect their energy and use the ramp to destroy the last radar tower.


Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves Walkthrough - Bump-Charge-Jump06:56

Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves Walkthrough - Bump-Charge-Jump

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