Bulls are enemy guards faced by Sly Cooper and the gang in Go West Young Raccoon of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. They serve as Toothpick's flashlight guards and main security force, guarding both Cotton Mouth Bluff and his Saloon.


These bulls may be of the Texas Longhorn kind. They are light brown with white spots on their body. They wear a gray bulletproof vest and a cowboy hat. Their weapons of choice are mini-guns, shooting small bullets, but with continuous fire. They can also slam it at you or use their flashlights, which are oil lamps, and occasionally they spit at the player.


  • Despite having large horns, they don't use them in combat.
  • These guards, along with the mandrills, are the only Thieves in Time guards with complete defeat animations. This can be viewed by restarting checkpoints when they are defeated or using the "Freeze World Glitch".
  • When using the basic shooting technique, It takes seven shots from "Tennessee Kid" Cooper's gun to kill these guards.
  • One of them was named "Wildman Wheezner" at the Toothpick Brawl-O-Thon during the Grand Key Larceny job.