Dimitri coming at you loud and clear. I've got a high-five coming up to my main men working the disco, spice sales are up, up, up! Keep on moving that spice a'ight. And to every home-slice down in the special fake money making room, a nice set of jobs there I'm telling you! Keep full-steaming ahead with my new Clockwerk printing plates, all of us retire early. You picking up on what I'm throwing down? Peace out!
— Dimitri to his men over a PA system[src]

"Bug Dimitri's Office" was a job for Sly Cooper in The Black Chateau of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Avoid guards while inserting a bugged painting into Dimitri's office...take any damage and the painting is ruined!
— In-game description[src]

Bentley has managed to outfit a forged painting with a bug. He needs Sly swap it with the original painting in Dimitri Lousteau's office. If this is done, they will be able to listen in on all of his conversations.


Bentley calls Sly on his Binocucom and tells him that he managed to bug a forged painting, and that he needs him to sneak into Dimitri's office and plant it, replacing the painting that is currently there. This will allow the gang to listen in to his conversations, letting things run more smoothly. Bentley then tells Sly to be careful with the painting, as taking a hit will ruin the fine art.

Sly picks up the painting and makes his way across Paris, eventually arriving at a window near Dimitri's office. Entering the building, Bentley calls him again and tells him that the door to the office door is locked. Sly doesn't mind, and makes his way through the room, crossing a floor covered in lasers, jumping on a piano, and rail walking across wires hanging in the air. As he crosses the wire, Dimitri comes onto the PA and talks about spice trafficking and his counterfeiting process. Sly then sneaks behind a decorative waterfall, all while avoiding the janitors that patrol the ground below.

Sly smashes a grate and crawls through into Dimitri's office, replacing the original painting with the bugged one. Bentley congratulates Sly and mentions that if he can get the original painting to the Safe House without taking damage, he can sell it for a ton of coins. Mission complete.


  • If you make it back to the safe house with the real painting intact; you can sell it for 232 coins. If that's the only job left available, the slide show will happen and you don't have to walk to the safe house.
  • This job features the first treasure in the game, the Gold Painting. Treasures will appear in the hub world after completing this job.
    • Unlike all of the other treasures, if the painting gets destroyed it won't respawn anywhere.  
  • Once you complete this mission, there will be a speaker in the safe house which will occasionally relay conversations from Dimitri's office.
  • Dimitri's office contains the vault for the episode. It can be opened with the code 2-3-1 and upon opening it, Sly will receive the Knockout Dive move.
  • This area is the only area to feature the Janitor guards.