Sly: Sounds like fun. You and me, back to back...
Murray: Totally! Outnumbered... fighting impossible odds... it's perfect!
— Sly and Murray[src]

"Breaking and Entering" was a job for Sly Cooper in The Black Chateau of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. This job introduces reconnaissance photos, the concept of stealth, crawling and the double jumping.


Sneak through the wine cellar to break into Dimitri's Nightclub. Once inside take some recon photos of the Clockwerk Tail Feathers.
— In-game description[src]

After downloading Dimitri's database onto his laptop, Bentley wants Sly to break into Dimitri's nightclub to take some reconnaissance photos of the Clockwerk tail feathers, and see what he is doing with them.


The mission starts with Bentley telling Sly that he'll have to take some reconnaissance photos of the printing press room, and that the way there is through a wine cellar. Sly heads over there and enters. Murray waits inside and tells Sly that he is there to help clear out the rats that are guarding the front section. The duo takes out all of the guards, and then Murray pulls up on a lever, lowering some bars that allow Sly to continue on alone. He jumps over the bars, and heads down the hallway, dodging laser security systems along the way. Two guards then block the hallway, and Sly crawls under some tables to get past them.

Entering a vent, Sly makes his way into "backstage." He stealth slams the guard that's in the door way, which turns off the laser grid block the door. Again, another guard roams the hallway. Sly slams him as well, turning off another laser grid. He is now in a large lounge, where some rats patrol. Sly dispatches them, and then breaks open the vent next to the piano, crawling through it.

The vent leads into a side room that is connected to the printing press room. Sly pulls out his binocucom and takes pictures of the generator, the money-printing machine, which is using the Clockwerk tail feathers as printing plates, and finally, Dimitri, the boss. Bentley congratulates Sly on his work and tells him to return to the safe house so they can formulate a plan.

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  • If Sly has the Mega Jump gadget, use it near the first set of yellow lasers to get to a balcony. Sneak by the lasers and open the door. Inside, there is a rat guard. When Sly beats him and looks around from that area, he'll be above a lounge that he beat the gang of rats in. Alternatively, Sly can climb up to the balconies using the piano next to the air vent that leads to the printing press room.
  • When taking pictures of the money printing room, if you use the "Restart Current Episode" cheat (LeftButtonR1ButtonUpButtonDownButtonUpButtonLeftButton), you will spawn in the money printing room. This will allow you to walk around the room. With some clever jumping, it is possible to reach Dimitri. When attacked, the boss battle sequence will start, though the game will crash shortly after.
  • If you attempt to break every breakable object in this area, coins will eventually stop appearing.