Just watch your head when that thing gets unstable... we need that brain of yours in one piece.
— Sly telling Bentley to watch out for falling bridge debris

"Bomb the Bridge" was a job for Bentley in A Starry Eyed Encounter of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It is the first of three sub-missions in "Operation: Hippo Drop."


Bentley needs to bomb the bridge separating Rajan's guest house from the rest of the palace. This should stop reinforcements from the guest house, and lower the number of guards standing watch over the Clockwerk wings in the ballroom.

Upon reaching the mission marker, Sly tells Bentley that he and Murray are moving into position and asks if Bentley still thinks he can demolish the large bridge. Bentley states it doesn't take an engineer to figure out how to blow up a bridge and he will start by using his bombs to destroy the lower cleats. Once the structure destabilizes, the retainer rings on the upper cleats should pop right off, which will enable Bentley to destroy the upper cleats and cause the bridge to crash down. Sly warns Bentley to watch his head when the bridge becomes unstable as the gang need Bentley's brain in one piece.

On the lower level, Bentley will need to destroy 9 cleats. After 2 cleats are destroyed, debris will start falling down and Bentley must avoid them so he won't take damage. Once all 9 cleats are destroyed, Bentley will jump to the main structure and the lower level will be destroyed. Bentley must now destroy 8 cleats in order to destroy the main structure, but he must take care to avoid the falling stones. After the eight cleats are destroyed, the bridge will crumble apart. Bentley will notify Sly that the bridge is down and that he will warm up the van and get the RC chopper started as part of the final part of the heist.


  • Because Bentley was on the Guesthouse side of the bridge after it falls, it's unknown how he got back to the other side.

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