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Bomb Toting Rooster

Sly runs from a Bomb Toting Rooster.

The Bomb Toting Roosters were minor enemy creatures Sly Cooper encountered in Haiti in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


They were big, red roosters that carried bombs which would blow in a matter of seconds. Sly couldn't face them head on. Instead, he had to avoid them and wait for their bombs to blow them up. They only appeared during the mission "Down Home Cooking." At the end of Vicious Voodoo, all of these roosters were arrested and sent to prison, along with Mz. Ruby.


  • A different version of the Bomb Toting Roosters can be seen with Mz. Ruby during the mission, "A Deadly Dance."
  • According to Bentley, the Bomb Toting Roosters were apparently capable of scaring ghost rats.
  • An easy way for Sly to lose the roosters is to jump out of the pen and letting them run into the wall.