Bombs are weapons used mainly by Bentley from Sly 2: Band of Thieves , Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Description Edit

They are often used in conjunction with sleep darts, to defeat guards. Bentley always has access to them, and they are dropped by pressing TriangleButton. If the button is held, Bentley will hold a bomb in his hand for more precise placement, and it isn't dropped until TriangleButton is released.

Related gadgets & power-upsEdit

Trigger BombEdit

Main article: Trigger Bomb

The Trigger Bomb is a throwable bomb that detonates at the press of the assigned button (L1Button, L2Button or R2Button). It is also effective at defeating enemies, along with sleep darts. In Thieves in Time, it is assigned to L1Button and cannot be changed.

Snooze BombEdit

Main article: Snooze Bomb

The Snooze Bomb serves the same function as Bentley's sleep darts. They are used to make any guards caught within the scent to fall asleep, allowing Bentley to escape or drop regular bombs on them.

Rage BombEdit

Main article: Rage Bomb

While this is a gadget used by Sly Cooper, it works like most of Bentley's bombs. He can throw it near a group of guards, and when caught in the blast, they will become enraged and attack each other until one of them is left.

Reduction BombEdit

Main article: Reduction Bomb

The Reduction Bomb serves the same purpose as Bentley's Size Destabilizer. Any guard caught within the radius of the blast will get shrunk down to size, allowing Bentley to escape them quicker, or defeat them with fewer hits.


Main article: Grapple-Cam

The Grapple-Cam is an extension of the regular bombs, with the addition of a camera, a grappling hook, detonator, and a microphone used to distract the guards with. It is required for use during several jobs in Sly 3.

Bomb KickEdit

Main article: Bomb Kick

This upgrade allows Bentley to kick a live bomb near a guard.

Heat SeekingEdit

Main article: Heat Seeking

With this power-up, any bomb Bentley drops will be heat seeking, allowing it to roll towards any guard nearby.

Multi BombEdit

Main article: Multi Bomb

This power-up allows Bentley to drop a total of five bombs at once.

Throwing ShieldEdit

Main article: Throwing Shield

Allows Bentley to shield himself whenever he tosses a bomb.

Bomb Blast v2.0Edit

Main article: Bomb Blast v2.0

This upgrade gives Bentley's bomb a larger blast radius.

Bomb Drop v2.0Edit

Main article: Bomb Drop v2.0

With this power-up, Bentley can boost using R1Button, while holding a bomb.

Bend it like BentleyEdit

Main article: Bend it like Bentley

This upgrade is a combination of the Bomb Kick and Heat Seeking.


  • In Sly 3, Bentley can toss bombs into enemies' pockets by holding out a bomb and walking up close behind them, then releasing TriangleButton. This can also be done in Thieves in Time, and is necessary to earn a trophy.
  • In Sly 2, the bombs do not beep, but in Sly 3 and Thieves in Time, a beeping sound was added.