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Blood Bath Bay is a city in the Caribbean islands of North America. It is known as one of the last true pirating towns and is the setting for Dead Men Tell No Tales of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Blood Bath Bay is a small town situated on a large island and is pirate themed. The town itself consists of many buildings as well as a harbor and various passageways that allow access to higher levels. There are some large dead sharks around the town, such as outside the Safe House and near a restaurant named "Pirate Grill". Surrounding Blood Bath Bay's island city is a vast ocean that also contains smaller islands. Crusher, a large squid-like creature feared by Blood Bath Bay's locals, is also believed to inhabit the ghostly realm of Blood Bath Bay's northern-most waters. The enemies of the area are dog pirates, alligators, sharks and jellyfish.

Blood bathbay 2

Blood Bath Bay (Night)


During the events of Sly 3, Dimitri Lousteau summons the Cooper Gang on his cruise ship as according to the favor he accepts from Sly back in Holland. Dimitri tells the group that his grandfather's diving gear has been stolen by pirate cutthroat Black Spot Pete and the pirate's partner Cantankerous Tim and needs the Cooper Gang's help in retrieving it. So, Sly and co., as well as Dimitri, heads to Blood Bath Bay in search for Dimitri's stolen heirloom. When the episode starts, Sly must talk to Black Spot Pete, but Pete sends him off because he forgot his pirate accent. So, Sly must steal Cantankerous Tim's outfit, (the priate costume) and then go back to Pete. After stealing the disguise, Sly and Pete exchange in an insult competition, where all you have to do is NEVER repeat anything that has already been said. After Sly wins, Pete tells him that he lost his boat in a game of cards. Also, the map was stolen by the area's boss, Captain LeFwee. So after a slideshow, Murray and Sly steal a jollyboat, and take out the harbor patrol.

The job starts when Murray and Sly must take out the rudders of any boats that can chase them into open water. After this is done, They then engage with the harbor patrol speed boats. After defeating the Harbor Patrol, a cutter appears, and they must destroy it to finish the mission. Then, Bentley and Penelope attempt to locate the Dagger Island treasure map. They must make a walkway all the way up to the top of the Skull Keep, where they spot Lefwee. He kills one of his men and promotes a new man. (This is a goof because the man promoted gets killed by Bentley, but re-appears during the operation.) After taking out the guards, they open a double button lock switch and locate the map. Bentley goes back to the safehouse to get Penelope's tools while Penelope stays and studies the chest. When Bentley exits the safehose, Penelope gets the chest open, but the chest shoots out a blinding dust, blinding Penelope. Bentley then takes a turret off Penelope's RC car and attaches it to a Grapple-Cam. He must then lead Penelope back to the safehouse by using bird calls so the guards won't go after her.

After you do these jobs, Sly and Murray must row over to a guarded ship and Sly must take out all 3 guards without being detected. When he does this and everyone is on the boat, you must sail to the mouth of the harbor. If Sly fires the cannons, the cannons in the Skull Keep will begin to fire at the boat. They never really hit you, but it is possible. When you leave the harbor, you must go to Dagger Island to search for Dimitri's grandfather's loot. When arriving on the island, Sly must make his way to opposite side of the island, where he must then use the treasure map, follow the clues, and dig up the loot. When the gang arrives, Sly allows Dimitri to open the chest because it is his loot. After observing the equipment, LeFwee shows up and attempts to steal the loot. He holds Penelope hostage, and decides to take her back to the ship with the treasure. (This is a goof because the gang keeps the treasure, despite LeFwee saying he took it.) After a slideshow, the gang must sail around to various jobs on the water. The first one you should do is Deep Sea Danger, where Dimitri must collect cannon blast amplification collars to even the odds when they take on LeFwee and his ship. After you collect them all, the player must then collect ground hammerhead shark bone for some odd reason.

After this job is complete, the gang should go the Battle on the High Seas mission, where they must take on the Red Sail Sea Dog Clan. You must beat 8 ships to complete the mission. After this is done, the gang must sail to the opposite end of the map to do the Crusher from the Depths mission. The gang sails into foggy water, and the sails get destroyed by Crusher. So, Panda King starts the mission, but when he runs out of fireworks, Sly must take over and finish the job himself. After this is complete, the whole gang goes out to see what happened. The Guru, after talking to it, is grabbed by the monster and is carried off. Then Bentley shows the slideshow for Operation: Reverse Double-Cross. The operation starts when you sail back into Blood Bath Bay and engage in battle with LeFwee. After destroying his sails, Sly jumps onto the boat, and LeFwee forces him to walk the plank. Sly must then get LeFwee angry enough to brag about where he is hiding Penelope. After LeFwee gets to the point where he begins bragging about how he has locked in the Skull Keep. So, he makes Sly jump off the boat, but Murray ahs the jollyboat and Sly jumps in it. After Murray drops him off at the dock, Sly makes his way up to the top of the Skull Keep, and he finds what looks like Penelope, except its a doll with explosives attached to it. After this, Bentley sails out trying to get away from LeFwee. LeFwee fires his cannons, destroying the sails on the boat. LeFwee and Bentley have a back and forth, until Bentley calls Guru and Crusher up to kill the guards whike he trys to free Penelope. After he frees her, LeFwee tells him he will kill Penelope unless Crusher stops. So after SLy paraglides in and hits Bentley and falls into the water, Crusher must get Sly, while LeFwee holds his sword to Bentley's neck. Penelope picks up a sword and challenges LeFwee to a dual on top of the sails. Penelope must knock LeFwee of 3 sails to win. After Penelope deafats him, he falls into the water, and as he gets eaten by sharks, he yells "SMARTEST MAN ON THE SEVEN SEAS!!!" So, Bentley and Penelope get together and Sly says it was the first time in recent memory, Carmalita diidn't haul everyone to jail. So the gang takes a picture and sends it to her. Next up is Dr. M.



  • LeFwee's castle rooftop can only be accessed as Murray in his ball form. To do this, the player should get to the rooftop of the safehouse and launch himself high in the air using the catapult. Then bounce around gaining height to reach the upper roof of the castle.
  • Blood Bath Bay is based on the pirate strongholds of Tortuga, Port Royal, and Nassau during the golden age of pirates.