Sly: Murray, let's motor out to Ayers Rock and scare away those mining dingoes. Your Guru wants it "purified".
Murray: Awesome! This is the biggest truck I've ever gotten to drive. I could crush houses with this baby!
— Atop the big truck.[src]

"Big Truck" was a job for Murray in Rumble Down Under of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.

Background Edit

The Guru is requesting that Ayers Rock be purified of the miners.


Sly meets up with Murray at the big truck. Murray is more than eager to drive a truck this big. The two motor out to Ayers Rock to drive out the miners.

Murray drives the truck over the mountain and into the field. He pulls up to the side of the drill tower. Sly hops out and Bentley gives him the run-down. Bentley has an idea of how they will drive the miners out of Ayers Rock, but for his plan to work, they will need to start digging into the ground. Sly takes out the three guards on the platform of the tower and then activates the switch. The drill then lowers down and begins digging into the ground. The sonic vibrations of the drill should drive the giant red and blue scorpions to the surface. Murray will need to capture a total of 20 red soldier scorpions and release them into Ayers Rock to push out the miners.

Murray asks how he will be able to capture the scorpions with the truck. Bentley explains to him that the vehicle is equipped with a supercharged e-brake, which if pulled when moving, will cause it to flip forward. If he times it correctly, he will successfully trap a scorpion in the holes built into the bed of the truck. Murray is ready to start, but first, Bentley warns him to keep his tires cool because they will heat up quickly in the blazing, hot sand. He will need to keep them cool by either driving into the water or running over scorpions. He also reminds him to only trap the red soldier scorpions, as the blue worker scorpions will serve no purpose but to cool the truck's tires.

After trapping eight red scorpions, Bentley tells Murray to hold tight for a second, as his sensors is detecting a drop-off in underground movement. They will need to drill deeper to keep the scorpions coming out. Sly will need to climb up to the top of the drill tower and override the depth control system. Unfortunately, when he does this, it drains the water around the base of the tower. Murray will need to rely only on running over scorpions to keep his tires cool from this point on. Murray continues to trap the remaining 12 red scorpions. Once he finishes, he backs the truck up to the mine's entrance and delivers the payload of scorpions to Ayers Rock. Murray and Sly leave the area and return to the safe house. Now that Ayers Rock is clean of the miners, the Guru will be pleased.