"Bentley RC Race" is a minigame exclusive to the physical version of The Sly Collection. The minigame can be played with 1-4 players. Sly Cooper, Bentley, Murray and Carmelita Fox are playable characters.


The goal is to fly through the floating coins to score as many points as possible, and to avoid the floating mines, which decrease the player's score if hit. Collecting a coin increases the score by 200 points, and hitting a mine decreases it by 100.


Name Description Type
Trophy_WhereIsPenelope.png Where is Penelope? Play the minigame PS3Bronze Bronze
Trophy_RemoteControlledTurtle.png Remote Controlled Turtle Score 8000 points PS3Silver Silver


The Sly collection minigames Bentley Rc Race

The Sly collection minigames Bentley Rc Race