Sly: The modifications you've made to that wheelchair are incredibly powerful.
Bentley: Yes, the upgrades should serve me well in the field. Blasters, mines, all the standard fare.
— Discussing the new wheelchair[1]

During the events of Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Bentley was paralyzed by Clock-La and was confined to a manual wheelchair. This is first noted after Murray lifts the Clockwerk jaw (which fell onto Bentley and crushed him) and Bentley says that he can't walk and asks him to pick him up.


During issue 2 of The Adventures of Sly Cooper, Bentley upgrades his chair so it can include a booster, bombs and jet bombs, a specialized Binocucom that can mechanically appear on an arm, sleep darts, and a spin attack so that he can still be a secondary field agent to the team. The chair also includes the Pick Pocket Pole, a retractable pole with a magnet that allows him to pickpocket loot or other items from guards which takes more time than others to pickpocket. This chair is shown to be practically indestructible, as when Bentley dies during a mission, he falls out, and the chair remains unscratched. He still uses this chair to date, upgrading it further through ThiefNet.

As of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Bentley's wheelchair has two robotic arms extending out of the back, which he uses to throw bombs and pickpocket guards more faster and efficient. The Hover Pack is also a standard feature, with the propelling nozzles now being located in the wheels and at the back of the chair. The Hover Pack can even harm guards when hovering over them, though this function must be purchased from ThiefNet. There's also a force field that appears when Bentley is aiming his bombs called the Throwing Shield obtainable through ThiefNet. There are no longer computers attached to the wheelchair; in their place, Bentley uses an interactive holographic display.