Sly: The modifications you've made to that wheelchair are incredibly powerful.
Bentley: Yes, the upgrades should serve me well in the field. Blasters, mines, all the standard fare.
— Discussing the new wheelchair[1]

During the events of Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Bentley was paralyzed by Clock-La and was confined to a manual wheelchair. This is first noted after Murray lifts the Clockwerk jaw (which crushed Bentley) and Bentley says that he can't walk.


During issue 2 of The Adventures of Sly Cooper, Bentley upgrades his chair so it can include a booster, bombs and jet bombs, a specialized Binocucom that can mechanically appear on an arm, sleep darts, and a spin attack so that he can still be a secondary field agent to the team. The chair also includes the Pick Pocket Pole, a retractable pole with a magnet that allows him to pickpocket.

This chair is shown to be practically indestructible, as when Bentley dies during a mission, he falls out, and the chair remains unscratched. He still uses this chair to date, upgrading it further through ThiefNet.

As of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Bentley's wheelchair has two robotic arms extending out of the back, which he uses to throw bombs and pickpocket Guards. The Hover Pack is also a standard feature in his new wheelchair, which when hovering over guards can hurt them but this function must be bought in ThiefNet. There's also a force field that appears when Bentley is aiming his bombs called the Throwing Shield obtainable through ThiefNet.


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