Not to be confused with Beauty versus the Beast.

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Muggshot: Hey! You're that cop hag that busted me back in Mesa City!
Carmelita: Muggshot, alias "Two-Gun Tony," also known as "Meat-Head" Muggshot. Seven foot three inches, three hundred and twenty-four pounds, wanted in seven countries with thirteen outstanding warrants for your arrest... And yes, I'm that "cop hag" that put you away back in Mesa.
— Before they fight[src]

"Beauty and the Beast" was a job for Sly Cooper, Bentley and Carmelita Fox in Flight of Fancy of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


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After the ACES Seminfinals, the Cooper Gang realized that they would need to get Team Muggshot disqualified from the ACES competition in order to stand a better chance of winning the finals. Bentley recently found out that Carmelita was in the area, evidently having tracked them down. They realized that the best course of action was to get Carmelita to arrest Muggshot, as not only would this eliminate Team Muggshot from the competition, but Carmelita would not mind postponing her search for the Cooper Gang in order to deal with Muggshot, who is also a wanted man. However, after the Black Baron found out that Muggshot bribed his guards in an attempt to sabotage the Cooper Gang's hangar before the semifinals, the Black Baron started keeping a closer eye on Muggshot and forbade him from interacting with the other teams. Knowing that Muggshot will do as he is told to avoid being disqualified, Bentley cooked up a plan.

Bentley entered the hotel where most of the pilots had been staying for the ACES Competition to confront Muggshot and bait him into a fight. Muggshot was unwilling to do so...until Bentley made him angry by insulting his mother. Muggshot agreed to meet Bentley at the Town Square in five minutes for their fight. Bentley left the hotel and hid elsewhere. Meanwhile, Sly found where Carmelita was and got her attention, which resulted in a chase. Sly took the chase to the Town Square, where he managed to slip away. Just as Carmelita commented on her latest failed attempt to capture Sly, she noticed Muggshot walking into the Town Square.

Muggshot soon noticed Carmelita as well and, still holding a chip on his shoulder from when she arrested him in Mesa City, dared her to try to arrest him again. Carmelita was more than happy to oblige, and a showdown between the two started. After a long fight, Carmelita knocked Muggshot unconscious and prepared to bring him to jail. She noted that the booking process for Muggshot would be tedious, but reasoned that her taking down Muggshot would make Sly think twice about planning anything else soon.

Team Muggshot was disqualified, eliminating one of the Cooper Gang's biggest obstacles in their mission to win the ACES Finals.

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