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The Bearded Baboons are enemy guards that Sly encounters in India, in the game Sly 2: Band of Thieves. They are brown baboons with a black beard,
Bearded Baboon

Sly confronts a Bearded Baboon.

a white and pink vest, a pink turban and purple pants. As their weapon of choice, the baboons use a razor-sharp spear to inflict damage, though there are some that use a stick-like torch instead. If Sly is within their range, they lunge at him with their spear and spin around on the floor with them. If they spot Sly from afar, they throw rocks at him. They can be defeated with four hits using Sly and two hits with Murray. All the Bearded baboon guards was probably arrested and sent to prison, along with Rajan, at the end of The Predator Awakes.


  • Sometimes the baboons would carry a double-bladed sword instead of a spear, and would glide at the floor to try and hit Sly.

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