Bentley: The radio transmitters have all been tagged in their mouths. You'll have to sneak up and pickpocket it while they're yawing.
Sly: Sounds "safe".
— Discussing the tagged bears[src]

"Bearcave Bugging" was a job for Sly Cooper in Menace from the North, eh! of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.

Background Edit

The gang needs to keep tabs on Jean Bison by placing radio transmitters around his base of operations.


Sly must crawl into a nearby bear cave to find six radio transmitters to bug Bison's house with. There are six bears in the cave, and each of them have a radio transmitter tagged in their mouths. Sly must carefully snag each one while they are yawning, and must also beware of the thin, crackly ice as it will wake the bears, should he step on it.

After collecting all six devices, Sly crawls back out for the next objective. Now, he must place the transmitters in precise locations around Bison's house. After placing down two transmitters, Bison comes on the loudspeaker to tell his men about the progress they made last month chopping down forests and tells them to keep up the good work. Sly continues to set up the transmitters. Once he sets up the last one, the array is up and running, and now the gang can listen in on Bison's conversations.

Notes Edit

  • You can only get the transmitters from the bears mouths as they are yawning.
  • If you touch the ice in the cave, the bears will wake up, and you will have failed the job. If you run, you will also fail the job.

Trivia Edit

  • When stealing the transmitter from the first bear, there is often a random glitch where you could just steal it while its mouth is closed.
  • The bearcave is one of the many areas that can be returned to.