Bears were animals prowling the area in He Who Tames the Iron Horse and Menace from the North, eh! of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


The bears are very violent, attacking anyone caught in their sight. They're one of the most powerful guards of Sly 2, being able to defeat the Cooper Gang with only a few hits. Only Murray as a playable character can go toe to toe with a bear. They can kill the guard with a single swipe which explains why the guards flee from them.

In Nunavut Bay, Murray must kidnap two bear cubs and throw them over the fence around the hand cart, in order to lure the mother bear break the fence.

The bear wandering in Jean Bison's lumber camp is named Old Grizzle Face. It's blind and practically nerve dead, except for its sense of smell. The Cooper Gang uses it to destroy Bison's oil mains by throwing fish at them.


  • Four characters in the game (Murray, Bentley, Sly and Carmelita) can actually kill the bear. Murray can just simply punch the bear until he dies. Bentley can use his time lock move to freeze time, and then go up to the bear and drop a few bombs. Sly can use his alarm clock gadget to lure the bear either into the water or onto the train tracks. Finally, any of the three characters can lure Carmelita and the bear to each other, which will cause her to attack and eventually kill the bear.
    • While there are many ways to kill the big bears, the bear cubs are indestructible.
  • Despite being nerve dead, Old Grizzle Face will attack anyone in his sight, just like the other bears.

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