Bentley: That Chopper is a menace to all future aerial operations while on this job.
Murray: Yeah, it's all covered in missiles and guns and stuff.
Bentley: Now, be a team player and take it out with that rusty pre-war turret.
Murray: OK, I had a potato gun once; I bet it works just the same.
— Bentley and Murray, just before the latter battles Rajan's chopper[src]

"Battle the Chopper" was a job for Murray in the A Starry Eyed Encounter of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Use the turret to shoot down Rajan's security chopper...just make sure to take out enemy missiles before they strike.
— In-game description

Bentley informs Murray about Rajan's security chopper of which he needs to destroy so the gang can conduct aerial operations.

Bentley suggests Murray utilizes a nearby rusty pre-war turret to take out the chopper. Murray agrees and uses his strength to lift a switch to get the turret operational. Upon doing so, Murray takes control of the turret and a firefight between him and the chopper ensues.

It takes time, but in the end Murray is victorious and the chopper is destroyed. Bentley congratulates Murray and pronounces the sky to be all clear.



  • Murray compares the old turret to a potato gun he once owned.

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